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Fri, May 02, 2014
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Star cravings - Celeb's pregnancy hunger pangs
by Joanne Soh

What do celebs do to satisfy their pregnancy hunger pangs?

This year, the stork is working overtime in Hollywood.

Drew Barrymore and Olivia Wilde popped last week, with other celebs like Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson, Ciara, Kerry Washington, Lil Kim and Kelly Clarkson due to give birth in the coming months.

In the body image-obsessed world of Hollywood, these expectant mums are still human. Here are some pregnancy cravings they've succumbed to.


The 28-year-old US singer shared with Everyday Health the importance of eating right, which meant "an egg white omelette with spinach and turkey" for breakfast. "I'll also have a side of fruit and wheat toast."

And when late-night pangs hit, Ciara hits the chocolate protein shakes. "I'll drink one of these and it holds me over until the morning."

The self-professed fitness freak also works out an hour a day with a trainer, which is why she can indulge in her current craving - butter pecan ice cream. 


Being engaged to Ashton Kutcher, one can assume that there's quite a bit of "dude" food in the house.

Earlier this month, the couple were photographed at US burger restaurant chain Umami Burger. According to E! News, Kunis (right) had a Cali Burger, which boasts a beef patty with lettuce, tomato, cheese and onions.

No alcohol for her though, while Kutcher chugged a beer, his actress-fiancee was happy with lemon-infused water.

During their recent getaway to Louisiana, the pair visited a beer factory and indulged in Mexican food like fish tacos and ice cream.

But Kunis, 30, has been eating healthy home-cooked meals too. She was snapped recently with bags of fresh produce and leafy greens.


Too much pregnancy weight was a concern for Washington as the Django Unchained actress had to finish shooting the third season of

her popular TV series Scandal, the 37-year-old told US talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel.

Washington, who battled bulimia for many years, opted for an organic diet as well.

A pilates practitioner, she also incorporated vegan protein shakes and vegetables into her diet. She told Woman's Health: "I'm not a vegan, but I like vegan protein shakes. I mix them with coconut water instead of regular water... to make them taste better."

When it came to snacking, the mum-to-be had a guilty pleasure. She told Ecorazzi: "I love popcorn. I could live on popcorn."

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