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Fri, Jul 10, 2009
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Carol Cheng - too much plastic surgery

Unflattering pictures of Hong Kong compere Carol Cheng were published in Hong Kong entertainment magazine, East Week last week.

Reports of Carol having lost weight as a result of her break-up with her boyfriend of 16 years, Lui Fong, were accompanied with pictures of her looking gaunt after losing more than 10 pounds. Her facial features were also badly affected by her weight loss. She is known for having undergone various plastic surgery procedures to enhance her various facial features.

Carol, who is popularly known as Do Do, is now dubbed the Michael Jackson of the East.

Here are some of her problematic facial features:
 - Sunken left cheek
 - Crooked nose bridge that is misaligned
 - Wrinkles over her eyelids, which is difficult to mask even with thick make-up
 - Wrinkles appearing on her underarms
 - Crooked jawline and a very red nose, apparently due to allergies caused by plastic surgery

Shin Min Daily News reported that East Week had interviewed the plastic surgery clinic where Carol underwent her procedures. A spokesman for the clinic had advised Carol not to go overboard with the surgeries. He also said: "If you believe that she has not gone for such procedures, that would be unbelievable."

A make-up artist, named Yoko, was also reported to have listed out the areas on which Carol made the cut. She said: "Her double eyelids were not as prominent before, and her nosebridge is not as straight and high as it is now.

"And if you look closely at her without make-up on, you can see that she has had acid peels on her skin."

She reminded Carol that exposure to too many such acid peels will considerably thin her skin. will not allow anyone to touch her face Carol has not allowed any make-up artist to go near her face for the past two years, reported the same Shin Min article.

Will not allow anyone to touch her face now
But Carol religiously goes for facials everyday in an effort to make her 51-year-old complexion look as smooth and clear as a baby's.

Felix, a make-up artist who has worked with her for the past 10 years, has stopped allowing him to do up her face since 2007. He also tried to advise her to reduce the number of face peels since they have caused burns to her skin, but she still insists on going for them in order to maintain youthful looks.

Carol has since parted ways with him and now does her own make-up.

Swallows 21 vitamin pills a day
Carol is also health-obsessed. She takes 21 pills a day for her health, and does colon-cleansing once a week, believing that doing so will help to keep her in the best of health.

She also keeps a regular daily routine, sleeping at 11pm every night and waking up at 7am in the mornings. After breakfast, she will put herself through a rigorous exercise routine. Her diet consists of mainly fruits and vegetables, and she does not eat foods containing any starch.

readers' comments
Hi Carol, don't go into too much plastic anymore. To have clean face, simple : be happy inside, laugh more often and lastly, don't get very angry over minor effects. OK, Carol?
Posted by johnnyoo on Mon, 13 Jul 2009 at 00:04 AM

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