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Tue, Oct 12, 2010
The New Paper
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Lunch-time beauty boost to increase breast size
by Shree Ann Mathavan

FOR six years, she has had one dream: to have bigger breasts.

Now, Miss Joan Guo’s dream has finally come true – albeit temporarily.

Thanks to breast fillers, which let her walk into a clinic a 34B and walk out less than two hours later, a proud 34C.

The cost: about $15,000.

Miss Guo, 24, an account executive at an events company, had been toying with the idea of getting breast implants since she was 18.

She said: “I wanted to look good and I always felt that it was nicer to have bigger breasts when you wear sexy clothing.”

But going under the knife intimidated her.

She found out about breast fillers two years ago when researching implants online.

It is non-surgical and because it can be done quickly, plastic surgeons call it a lunch-time procedure. Well, that is if your lunch break is between 45 minutesand 11/2 hours.

One to three years

The doctor injects a gel containing hyaluronic acid – which occurs naturally in the body – into the breast. The gel gradually breaks down safely in the body over time. It lasts one to three years, depending on the individual.

Miss Guo thought she could try out fillers first before she decides on whether she wanted implants. She went to The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic last weekand took leave for half a day.

She said: “Before forking out the money for breast implants, I wanted to see what the size andweight of bigger breasts feel like.

“That way, when I do go for implants in the near future, I know which size to go for.”

The breast filler became available about three years ago and was introduced soon after in clinics here.Morewomenare going for it now.

Plastic surgeons like Dr Martin Huang, 47, who handled Miss Guo’s procedure, have seen a growth of about 30 per cent in the number of patients seeking breast fillers this year.

But clients who do breast implants still outstrip those who opt for breast fillers by 4 to 1, said Dr Huang. “For breast fillers, you can go between a half, three-quarter or up to one cup size maximum.” With breast implants, the patient can go up by several cup sizes.

Implants, which cost between $15,000 and $20,000, can be cheaper in the long run. Breast fillers cost between  $8,000 and $20,000, depending on the amount of gel injected, Dr Huang said. “If you keep doing breast fillers over and over again, it can be more expensive.”

Still, the procedure would appeal to women who cannot afford to take the three to four days off work to recover from breast augmentation, and want to avoid incisions and scars.

But Dr Huang warned that women who have breast cancer, uncontrolled high blood pressure oran infection should not go for this procedure. Miss Guo, who earns $1,500 and saves $400 a month, may have to spend a total of $35,000 if she is to get implants also, in the next few years.

“Some people may say it’s stupid to spend so much money, but it depends on what each individual wants,” she said. “Having bigger breasts helps me feel more confident.”

Apart from living frugally, she has to put up with sore and swollen breasts for now.

But that will subside by the second week after the procedure, Dr Huang said. Because of the tenderness, Miss Guo did not wear a bra for a week and relied on nipple tape for her modesty.

Her friends and family have been supportive.

She said: “My friends do think my breasts look fuller and more up lifted.”

With bigger assets now, does she need a wardrobe makeover?

New shirts

She said most of her clothes still fit. But she admitted: “I will probably have to buy some button-down shirts later on because the buttons are too tight now on my old ones.”

But it’s a problem she’s only too glad to have.

“I’m happy with how it looks,” she said.

And what does her boyfriend of three years, Mr Janson Tan, think of his girlfriend’s new look?

“I’m happy as long as she’s happy because I know it’s something that she’s wanted for some time,” the 29-year-old sales executive said.

He added that a few of his female friends have gone for breast implants.

Of his girlfriend’s new look, he said: “Of course bigger breasts do look better in clothes.”

But, he added cheekily: “It’s still quite swollen so I haven’t taken a look yet. Maybe once the swelling goes down.”

This article was first published in The New Paper

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