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Wed, Dec 02, 2009
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Relationships need work too

SINGAPORE can be a stressful place to work and live in. Some of my friends complain that they are constantly chasing after money and feeling completely meaningless doing it.

The ideal of work-life balance seems to be a myth. Some later feel disillusioned with their life in Singapore, questioning whether it is worthwhile to pursue materialism at the expense of family and health.

The pursuit of material comforts, like houses and cars, often leads people to measure themselves against their friends and neighbours.

This can lead to those who fail to achieve their dream home or car feeling left out.

Some complain that they fail to find the energy or time to explore their hobbies or passion while living here, and have gone on to seek a better lifestyle abroad.

Divorces also do not help the situation, as people struggle to maintain satisfying marital relationships.

Due to the large amount of time spent at work, couples start to drift apart when they fail to spend enough time together.

They may explore illicit relationships, or some simply end their marriages after a few years.

Many simply fail to spend enough time together, in order for the relationship to take off after marriage.

Those who think that they would feel happier after accumulating enough wealth are sadly misled.

I have met some wealthy friends who feel completely miserable as they could not find a balance in their lives.

Their marriages are broken, and their wealth is not able to buy them the happiness that they crave in a satisfying relationship.

As Singapore progresses, let us be cautious about how we find the right balance in work and family.

Though accumulating wealth is important, we should not do so at the expense of our relationships.

For what good is it if we have all the money in the world but no one to spend it with?


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