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Tue, Mar 26, 2013
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Parents' support crucial to children's education

PARENTS’ involvement in their children’s education is important.

They are the first source of support, guidance and motivation for their kids, and can bring out the best in them.

However, because of busy work schedules, most parents leave their children’s education to teachers.

Some are willing to pay a high price for private tutors.

While their intentions are good, is this enough to ensure their children’s success?

Here are a few tips on motivating kids to excel which I gathered after speaking to parents:

Reward system

Reward your children whenever they score well in examinations.

Ask them what they want and make them work hard to achieve their rewards.

However, they need to take note of their children’s capabilities and set realistic targets for them.

A reward system also teaches children independence.

It helps parents see their children’s capabilities and strengthens family ties.


Parents have to be by their children’s side and help them with their homework.

They should try not to leave their kids alone as the children might give up if they cannot handle the work.

However, a parent’s role is to ask questions, not give answers.

They should try to avoid overstretching their children by making them study all the time.

Kids need a break, too. Let them play games or go outdoors to destress.

This simple reward will motivate them to study, as they will realise that if they work, they can also get to play.

It would also be good if parents could join in the games.


It is important for children to have a close relationship with their parents.

In Asia, it is rare to see parents treating their children like friends.

However, times have changed. Before, parents were seen as disciplinarians.

But while such methods worked then, children nowadays are smarter.

What they need from parents is guidance, not threats, to make the right decisions.

There are many way for parents to get involved in their children’s lives – not only in education, but also in their social lives.

While parents have a lot to teach their children, they should learn from them, too.



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