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Wed, Jan 06, 2010
The Daily Chilli
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My hubby slept with 10 women

A woman claimed that her husband has slept with more than 10 women during their three-year marriage.

Mastura Bakar, 24, told the Lower Syariah Court that her husband, Datuk Muhamad Mustafa Idrus, was never fair in polygamy and was a philanderer.

“He is never fair (in his polygamous marriages) and had affairs with over 10 women at hotels.

“I know him and I’ve contacted all the women that he slept with,” she told the Federal Territory Lower Syariah Court here on Tuesday.

Mastura also claimed that her 54-year-old husband, a Tasek Gelugor Umno committee member who was once married to popular ethnic creative singer Noraniza Idris, often forced her to sleep with him.

She also claimed to have been beaten, slapped and kicked up to eight times when Muhamad Mustafa faced problems or when asked about his relationships with other women.

Muhamad Mustafa allegedly broke things when he found out that Mastura ran away from home and knocked her over with a car once.

“I am depressed and I wish to apply for fasakh (annul the marriage),” she told Judge Mohd Yunus Mohamad Zin.

Mastura told the court that she only found out her status as the fourth wife when she gave birth to her first child.

Muhamad Mustafa was married to three other women including Noraniza.

After two years of marriage, Mastura said her husband did not come home as often.

“Sometimes, he didn’t come back for up to a week. In May 2008, he would drop by for a while and not even spend the night,” she said.

Mastura, who is currently unemployed, claimed that Muhamad Mustafa stopped providing for the family since December 2008.

The couple married on June 3, 2006, in Perak and have three children.

Muhamad Mustafa, who was not present in court, was represented by lawyer Zaidi Ibrahim.

The hearing continues.

readers' comments
How nice when men make up religion for their own sexual needs. How sad when women willingly adopt such beliefs. 'Twas said: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me". The problem is that most people have so much pride that they simply cannot accept that their whole belief system may be wrong. What's worse is when men create laws that prevent people from even having the choice of what to believe.
Posted by allanyam on Fri, 8 Jan 2010 at 07:11 AM
I think you make the right choice of leaving him. Your husband is obviously a sex maniac and for you know, he may have contracted some sex diseases since he has so many sex partners. Stand-up for your woman rights and approach woman association for help if your husband dares to threaten or abuse you again. Don't give him chance at all from what he has done for you so far and how he has been treating you. He is the worst animal on earth !!!
Posted by mk_tiong on Thu, 7 Jan 2010 at 16:44 PM
I thought that the Muslim law allows only 3 wives and even then, the husband must have the approval of his wives to marry and treat his wives fairly. Silly of her to stick with him and bear 3 children!
Posted by malinablu on Thu, 7 Jan 2010 at 15:15 PM

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