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Sat, Oct 29, 2011
The New Paper
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Women with bigger assets get more free drinks
by Bryna Sim & Tay Shi'An

The bigger your chest, the more free drinks you will get.

That’s the cheeky gimmick that local diner-cum-bar OverEasy at One Fullerton has come up with for its latest event Fill My Cups.

A modest set of A-cups – we’re talking bra size of course – gets one free drink, B-cups get two, C-cups get three, and D-cups get a free bottle of vodka.

While some women think it’s a novel marketing strategy, others insist they will not support it.

Fill My Cups is happening tonight. Coupons will be given out and clubbers can redeem them for free drinks from 9pm to 11pm, while stocks last.The nightspot came up with the gimmick because its guest deejay for the night, an Australian, goes by the moniker of DJ DCUP. “It was really a play on the guest DJ’s name.

When we heard that it was DCUP, we decided to give the event an added spin,” said Ms Cheryl Ho, spokesman for The Lo & Behold Group, which runs OverEasy and other F&B outlets like Loof and White Rabbit.

Club: No touching, it’s just visual test

But how will they know for sure what cup size each woman is?

Ms Ho explained to The New Paper there would be two “mystery” judges at the event – Dave, a musician, and Karen, a lawyer – who will suss out each woman visually.

“They are not boob experts, and neither are they from a bra company. They are our personal friends who will simply guess-timate as to the women’s bra cup sizes,” said Ms Ho.

She assured that all checks will be “purely visual”.

“We don’t condone touch tests,” she said.

Teasers – on Facebook, e-mails and posters put up in the club – publicised the promotion.

The stunt had some women in stitches, while others are raising eyebrows. One student who wanted to be known only as Yvonne, 19, felt that she would be denigrating herself if she attended such an event.

“I think the concept is funny but I would not degrade myself by being a part of it,” she said.

She was not tempted by the prospect of having three free drinks although she said she was a C-cup.

Student Lek Ning, 20, who considers herself a C-cup, said that she found the event hilarious.

She did not think it would be “embarrassing” to be judged visually on her bra cup size.

“After all, I’m rather proud of my assets,” she said.

President of the Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) Dana Lam also considered the event “demeaning”.

“I’d laugh at the silliness (of this event) if I didn’t know better. Women should think twice before popping themselves in there,” she said.

Ms Lam also felt that the event organisers did not consider the “safety and dignity” of female customers, as they might be “subjecting themselves to molest and harassment”.

In response, Ms Ho admitted that the company was concerned that some people might find the event offensive.

She said: “Our stance is that it’s all good fun, not sexist, not sleazy. No girls are going to get touched and we are not asking them to flash themselves.”

She added that they have not received any complaints so far. Finance analyst Mr James, 32, already has plans to go to the event with well-endowed female friends who “have assets that would get us drinks”.

He joked: “I can’t go myself, I don’t think moobs (man boobs) count.” There is no cover charge for the event.

According to the event’s Facebook fan page, more than 200 people have confirmed their attendance, and about 300 others indicated that they might attend.

OverEasy can hold about 300 people.

The most well-endowed women can claim the coveted bottles of vodka – a tie-up with Belvedere Vodka.

Otherwise, the bar sells each bottle of vodka at $168++.

“Yes, we’ve been warned that (the women with D-cups will) definitely be heading our way,” she said.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

readers' comments
what next ? free drinks for guys with big schlongs?
The women who say this free drinks for proof of D cup assets
are the same women who says women should have equal rights and must be treated as equal as men . Hypocritical sluts aint they?
Posted by ST2007 on Wed, 27 Jan 2010 at 08:50 AM
With the recent molest case at Sentosa, it seems the public, especially women, hasn't learnt about the dangers of being in crowds / how vulnerable/ defenseless women can be at times. And yet, they want to flaunt their boobs just for what? Free drinks?

Think of it this way - cost of drinks (max $15 for a jug of beer) = the worth of your boobs!

Ladies, don't be too quick to say it's fine and that you are proud of your assets - it's the message that you are sending out to men and to society that has repercussions. Some women want to be valued as equals with men, but if you sign yourself up for these things, there will never be gender equality. Wise up!
Posted by white_pony on Wed, 20 Jan 2010 at 14:20 PM

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