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Thu, Jan 28, 2010
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What's a 'no-no' when on dates
by Skilldo

When it comes to the 'dos' and 'don'ts' of dating women, you would have probably heard many.

But there is one 'don't' which is not widely discussed, that is - DON'T ever fall into the trap of thinking your date is doing you a favour by going out with you or feel that you're so 'lucky' to have ended up on a date with her.

Such mindset is weak and so unattractive that women would be able to smell your lack of confidence from miles away.

Instead, a far-superior dating mentality to have is - it is her blessing and lucky day to be able to go on a date with you.

Sounds like what an alpha male would think?

Not at all.

Think about this: When a guy is thinking about how the girl is doing him a favour by agreeing to go out with him, it automatically makes him appear as a loser and automatically sets the stage for her to have leverage over him and even play hard to get if she likes.

He'll spend the entire date sweating through his actions and convincing the girl to like him.

But to her, this guy would just turn out to be another one of those guys who try too hard. And this is as good as killing off any other chances with her.

So, why not turn things around to your advantage?

When on a date, adopt the idea that you are doing her the favour instead. Don't underestimate this as it could open up floodgates of potential and let you discover your attractive self.

Relax and calm those nerves. Afterall, attraction functions best in when one is at ease.

Remember, your date with has definitely gone out with others before. The reason why she's now out with you because all the other guys didn't manage to get her.

If you didn't succeed in attracting her on the date, after it ends, she'll continue her "long and tough search for love" by going out with other guys until she finds one whom she is attracted to.

Let's admit it (even though the ladies won't talk about it openly) all women, even the drop dead gorgeous ones, use dates to search for a man who can allow them to experience those unspeakable warm feelings of attraction.

So get this. You're really doing someone else a favour by taking them out on a date.


About the writer:

Skilldo is an 'ex-unhappy' Singaporean guy - who grew from being lonely, dateless and single... into breaking out of it, and obtained a fulfilling social life in meeting, dating and entering satisfying relationships with women.

He is the author of 'The Ultimate Singapore Girl-Getter'. A locally-focused guide for Singapore men to approach, date and successfully attract the type of women they want for themselves.

He maintains a website containing secrets and training for men at -


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