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Thu, Apr 29, 2010
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Audi Fashion Festival a gathering of very beautiful people

When you organise a fashion festival, it's never just about the fashion show that everyone is clamouring for a ticket to attend.

Beyond the clothes, you will need your big-name it fashion designers; cue hot Italian designing duo, Dan and Dean Caten of cult fashion label DSquared2. Then you require a few of those tall and leggy ethereal beings  that are supermodels - Estonian beauty Carmen Kass and hot Korean model Song Kyunga, check. After which, a very popular German pop rock band such as Tokio Hotel would be in order, to attract your screaming teen fans who will erupt into raucous cheers at every single mention of their favourite band in order to generate more after-show excitement since the night is still young yet.

Supermodel Carmen Kass in the
piece-de-resistance from DSquared2 
Fall/Winter 2010 Women's Collection

And to top all that, a very generous sprinkling of the very beautiful people who are fashion plates in themselves, and without which, glamourous fashion festivals just don't have that oomph factor. We spied the usual suspects - Dr Georgia Lee, Dr Frank Cintamani (who is also festival director), tai-tais and society butterflies in their well-manicured hordes. You will see more of them by the way, in our sister site, Plush.

It was a spectacle that made more than just a sartorial statement, as the evening began with the free-flowing bubblies while guests dressed in their fashionable best arrived. Really, the most important thing here is you get to mingle in this rarefied atmosphere of Very Beautiful People.

After which, of course, we turn to the main attraction, without which none of the attendees present at yesterday evening's opening show would have reason to be present,  the Men and Women's Fall/Winter 2010 Collection by DSquared2.

The celebrated twins' punk-chic style meets Madame Frankenstein in her house of horrors show off the fun and sexy street attitude that belongs to the designer pair.

We saw for ourselves their impeccable tailoring as models came down the runway in their jacket and suit ensembles. We witnessed their sense of humour  that carried throughout the collection as models sported varying quantities of fake blood on their bodies - you know, the horror theme is at work here? Hmm, we also know why Madonna and Britney Spears are fans now.

Most importantly, we saw with our own eyes, the twins in person as they came out to receive their accolades from a superlatively appreciative crowd, who cheered even harder upon spying the siblings pop out from behind the stage backdrop to walk down the runway.

Is it any surprise the audience burst into loud cries of joy, seeing that the pair were so gracious to fly all the way from Italy to celebrate Singapore's very own fashion festival with us? Of course, that happened with the very generous help of some very generous sponsors from Audi and Tag Heuer.

But back to the clothes. DSquared2's men's and women's collections were complete gems to behold - the piece-de-resistance in the men's collection was a pair of shimmery jeans which extended all the way to the model's boots. And it helped very much that the super buff male model went completely topless - but that was to put the emphasis of the apparel, we swear.

While in the women's collection, it was the final piece, a long dress that wraps you up completely in black, but surprises with a dramatic back made of "jeweled bones", consisting of an entire column of crystal-studs, designed to look like the vertebrae in your back, with spindly outreaches of more crystals that spreads across the entire back of the dress.

Trip-ups? Those were kept to a thankful minimum. Yes, the show began one hour fashionably behind the stated time of 7pm. Some of the seats (all of which were assigned, by the way) were usurped by those who didn't know where they were supposed to be (and who just pretended not to hear you when you comment that your seat has been taken), and a tent with finishing touches that must have been put on just some twenty minutes prior to guests' arrival, because you are immediately assailed by the smell of superglue as you enter the door to partake of its goodies.

But these would be minor, considering that this is the year that Singapore will be enjoying its very own made-to-measure big-time fashion festival that doesn't have the strait-laced manouevrings of a government agency behind it. That's right, a fashion show by the people, for the people. Make that the Very Beautiful People.

And that makes for a successful fashion festival.

Don't worry if you can't get in to all the shows. Just tune into Diva for your daily Fashion Festival updates.

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