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Tue, Jun 22, 2010
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Don't allow your skin to age with you

Being the outmost layer, your skin reflects the overall state of your health and age. We all know that with natural forces of ageing being inevitable, but you can do something to deacelerate this phenomenon.

SOTHYS cosmeceutic ageless programme's brand new addition of the SOTHYS ageless creams has adapted to four key age grades to deliver precise results in restoring youthfulness and radiance to the skin. It is formulated with customize active ingredients to shield, treat and decelerate skins’ ageing process to help achieve youthfulness at every age.

SOTHYS Solution - SOTHYS Ageless Creams has 4 different grades that consists of various elements to strengthen your skin, allowing it to be less susceptible to ageing.

Grade 1 - Re-energize: skin radiance $159 (50ml)

This is scientifically innovated to shield and reinforce anti-free radical actions, protecting cellular damage hence preventing expression wrinkles whilst re-energizing skin, making it look young. Some of the active ingredients include candle bush extract and oat extract. They are able to protect cells from free radical damage and smoothens the skin.

Grade 2 - Re-fill: Fine lines and wrinkles $179 (50ml)

The Cyperus Esculentus Extract element found inside this formula reinforces the structure of collagen fibers, increase the resilience of the skin. thus reducing and preventing formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Grade 3 - Restructure: Skin elasticity

Anti-MMPs with triple action (restructure – reorganize – protect) on collagen that helps to boost resistance of the supporting tissues in the skin to increase elasticity. It is also to prevent wrinkles from deepening and to reinforce skin firmness preventing slackening or sagging of the skin.

Grade 4 - Re-prolong: Cell longevity $219 )50ml)

This is an active cream that acts on cell metabolism increase the production of Sirtuin, stimulating cell regeneration and sustaining cell’s lifespan.

The anti-ageing duo mask can be used in conjuction with the creams. This multi-action mask containing mineral cocktails that helps to stimulate the production of collagen
smoothing out filling out fine lines and revitalizes and restores skin radiance. The two masks are aimed to achieve different effects.

Mask 1 nourishes the skin and restores the skiin's radiance. You can expect you fine lines to be smoothened out. Mask 2 is a silky mother of pearl gel that tightens skin which tightens your skin.

The application of this mask is easy and fuss free. Apply a full packet of Mask 1 throughout the face and neck, avoiding eye contour areas. Then apply a full packet of Mask 2 over Mask 1. Leave the two masks to work synergistically for 10 to 15 minutes thereafter remove it with a wet sponge/towel.

SOTHYS Cosmeceutic Ageless Creams & Mask are available at all SOTHYS Contract Salons.

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