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updated 24 Feb 2013, 08:04
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Stories with this keyword: china

Mr Right for rent in China
Many women need a boyfriend to face their family.
Difficult birth for sick woman
Specialists at a Beijing hospital are making last-minute preparations to help a pregnant woman with spinal muscular atrophy deliver her baby.
Wives of gay men can be 'single' again
China has at least 10 million women who are married to gay men, according to leading sexologist Zhang Beichuan.
China's 'TV Queen' got her first big break in Singapore
Few may know that China actress Betty Sun Li, 30, got her first showbiz break after participating in Singapore's Star Search competition back in 2001.
Couples flock to tie the knot on Jan 4
Romantic date sees couples across China flock to tie the knot
Natural birth a tough sell in China's caesarean boom
Parents with more money to invest in their only childbirth are more likely to splash out on the procedure, which they see as safer.
Marry me, not my millions
More Chinese signing pre-nuptial agreements to protect their wealth.
Her plight as a 'prostitute' activist
She's been slapped, attacked and her office ransacked, but she'll never give up her cause.
Her pain as a 'prostitute' mum
When she told her daughter she was going to be a sex worker, the confused 13-year-old asked if it was shameful, but later grew to accept it.
Her purpose as a 'prostitute'
To highlight the plight of sex workers in China, she provided migrant workers sex for free for three days.

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