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Stories with this keyword: dating tips

Interested in dating younger women?
What is important isn't your age. The ultimate value you can offer her is how you can make her feel.
Live like you're on the red carpet
Don't whip your head from side to side to check out the cute guys or hot girls, or to see who is watching you.
How to become more attractive to men
Have you ever wondered how some women never seem to lack admirers while some others seem to perpetually turn guys off?
Why some guys are such a turn-off to women
The biggest reason why a guy is unable to talk or act powerfully in front of a woman is because he feels she is worth more than he is.
Dr Date: Be confident, even if you have to fake it
Delusional self-confidence is an essential characteristic of almost every person who is naturally attractive to the opposite gender.
Good things can happen when you disagree with a girl
Try chatting up a girl at a foodcourt - by disagreeing with her.
More ways to meet new people
Stuck for ideas on where to go to meet like-minded people?
10 tips for the lovely Singapore girl
Here are a few tips from the man in the street. Who knows, you might find them helpful, whether you’re in a relationship or not.
Be careful when you hook up online
Online dating is an acceptable way to meet new people today. But remember to be smart about who you make friends with.
Snag yourself a date this Valentine's Day
Guys, want to get a date this Valentine's Day, but not sure how to? Read on for more tips.

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