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Stories with this keyword: men

Why women wrinkle faster
Biological factors, including having fewer sweat and sebaceous glands around the mouth, cause women to wrinkle more easily than men.
What men want most from their wives: Stop nagging
Most men wished that their wives would stop nagging as naggy wives reminded them of their mothers.
Asian men at higher risk of post-natal depression
This was due to the men's poor ability in expressing their emotions.
Diva's Gift Ideas For Him
Men deserve to be pampered with some good gifts too!
Urban 100 gift ideas: HIM part 2
Gifts ideas for Him Part II
Urban 100 gift ideas: HIM part 1
Gifts ideas for Him Part I
My mum is right: Men are pigs
Men are born with roving eyes, even the good and well brought-up ones.
Look what they’ve got cooking
6 Dating Challenge singles pair up for a cheesy pizza-making session.
If men are pigs, what are women?
Readers were stirred by a column by journalist Joanne Soh, which lay the blame for cheating on spouses solely on men.
All men watch porn, and it is not bad for them: study
"It does not impact on their sexual habits or their relationships with women", says researcher.

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