updated 30 Jan 2009, 13:39
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Ahem, Michelle's outfit is a hit
It seems that Michelle Obama has the grace and elegance to make everything work (even a phlegm-coloured dress, apparently).
She's phlegm-ing hot
Her utilitarian yet trendy style makes Michelle Obama the First Lady of Fashion. Even after THAT lemongrass outfit.
What's in a first lady's dress? A lot, says designer
The American dream, the great melting pot, made-in-America, the triumph of small business, happiness and hope -- can a woman's dress really say all that?
Dress captures hope theme
Michelle Obama officially took her place on the world stage wearing yellow - a nontraditional colour seen as embodying the hope of her husband's presidency.
Michelle Obama on her husband: He's no-frills
She says: 'He didn't care about what other people thought and how he looked, and he was not into fashion but he was very much into issues.'
Michelle Obama wore his design on the campaign trail
Already spotted by fashion journalists, his celebrity status has skyrocketed since First Lady Michelle Obama wore one of his pieces during the presidential campaign. The young designer that everyone is talking about is Thakoon Panichgul.
She took baby along for top job interview
Michelle Obama is an unknown entity, but she does raise eyebrows.
The style of Michelle O
With her knack for picking fashion-forward frocks and her support for up-and-coming American designers, Michelle Obama is giving Jackie O a run for her money as the most stylish First Lady.

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