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Stories with this keyword: parenting

In rush hour, slow down for Junior
In the pre-dawn light, the author can make out two figures hugging each other next to a parked station wagon.
Was your mum a better parent than you?
Many parents left their children for hours until they realised it was too late.
Taming our little caveman
Reading up on crazy toddler behaviour on the WebMD website, I was struck by a particularly apt quote from a paediatrician: Toddlers are like cavemen.
If your child is asking for his first phone…
These are the things you need to talk about.
Mum's 18-point deal with son over iPhone goes viral
A gift with strings attached - Janell Burley Hofmann's 18-point iPhone 'contract' has gone viral.
This year's parenting trends
Manic Mummy predicts the parenting trends of 2013.
Everyday apocalypse works for me
"While spending money constitutes a small thrill when I’m bored, it is the least of my concerns in a doomsday scenario," says writer.
So what's so bad about being a mama's boy?
Nobody bats an eyelash when faced with the term "daddy's girl", but "mummy's boy" gets a different response.
Oops, toilet-training accidents galore
It's potty-training time again for the Manic family.
How parents can develop their child's EQ
Dr May Lim shares with My Paper how parents can help develop their children's emotional intelligence (EQ).

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