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Stories with this keyword: romance

'Hi, I'm interested in you'
Online scammers bait victims with declarations of friendship and love.
Love is in the air for Suki
Malaysian reality star Suki admits that she’s finally found the man of her dreams.
Cherie Chung denies dating Singaporean
She says she has never thought about remarriage.
Be giddy, for a change
Exploring the possibilities of romance can be charming and fun. Suppressing your natural instinct and feelings will not help to fire love and mutual attraction.
Won over by his family
His wholesome family made her realised he was not bad afterall.
Japanese men turn backs on stereotypical roles
More Japanese men reject traditional masculinity when it comes to romance, jobs and consumption in an apparent reaction to the tougher economy.
The long time crush
How to get out of the "let's just be friends" zone
Get yourself seen as the lover or lose her
You can persuade someone to date you, to kiss you, even to engage in intimate physical relations with you, but you cannot coerce love.

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