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Stories with this keyword: sex

They're not just looking for sex
Experts say women visit karaoke clubs to look for toyboys so they can feel loved and desired.
No sex please, I’m stressed!
S'porean men's sexual desires wane as financial worries take their toll.
The joy of sex talk
Remember that old saw 'Men give love to get sex, women give sex to get love?' Well, it's here to stay.
Pregnant when she was barely 15
Barely 15, 'Nora' found herself grappling with an issue that was no child's play - an unwanted baby on the way.
Sexually active teens getting infections
Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among teenagers have become a reality, with more of them engaging in sex.
Sharp rise in girls under 16 having sex
Never mind that they know little about the birds and the bees, teenage girls here are still going ahead with the deed - and in larger numbers as well.
Sexy? I think I'm chubby
When Filipino actress Ara Mina's career failed to take off, she stripped her wholesome image and turned to the Pinoy erotica movie industry.
Women's low sex drive tied to poor quality of life
Postmenopausal women who have hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) - a low level of sexual desire -- have a worse health-related quality of life than their counterparts who are happy with their sex lives, according to a new study.
I had my first orgasm when I was 6!
The first time I had sex. It was uneventful, done hastily in my bed with my sister sleeping above me on the upper bunk bed. I was 18 and scared that it was gonna hurt...
Sexual healing
'My marital life is more fulfilling and I feel more complete as a woman now'

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