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Sat, 20 Oct 2012
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Cao's former lover is uncontactable

*Latest: In the most recent twist to the scandal, local media has reported that Actor Terence Cao's former lover is currently uncontactable.

She was said to have left Singapore on Saturday, missing the scheduled appointment for the DNA test in the morning.

Cao and his lawyer have been trying to reach her on her Singapore and China numbers, but to no avail.

The MediaCorp actor was reported as saying that Ms Shi was uncomfortable that the DNA test appointments were handled by his lawyer.

Cao and his lawyers are currently on the search for Shi, and he hopes to find out why she is reluctant to undergo the DNA test.

Diva previously reported:

Cao's former lover left Singapore for Shanghai with daughter

Actor Terence Cao's former lover left Singapore on Saturday for Shanghai with her 19-month-old daughter.

She is reportedly delaying the DNA test because of the intense media attention, reported Lianhe Zaobao.

Reporters allegedly parked themselves at the hotel she was staying at and she felt she had to hide in her room with her daughter.

Ms Shi said that her daughter has not eaten rice for two days and has only had biscuits.

Actor Terence Cao to take paternity test: Report

SINGAPORE - MediaCorp actor Terence Cao will be taking a paternity test, after a Shanghainese woman's claims that he fathered her child, Lianhe Zaobao reported today.

According to Shin Min Daily News on Friday, the 26-year-old Chinese woman, Ms Shi Si Mei, had identified the Channel 8 star as the father of her 19-month-old daughter.

She told reporters that she had met Cao, 45, at a party in Shanghai two years ago. They had a one night stand and continued to keep in touch.

She also claimed that she visited Singapore a month after at Cao's invitation, and stayed at his home for two weeks.

A month after she flew back to Shanghai, Ms Shi discovered she was pregnant.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, Cao was spotted yesterday, driving Ms Shi and her daughter to a lawyer's office to arrange for a DNA test.

They emerged from the lawyer's office half an hour later and proceeded to a nearby eatery. There, Cao was seen feeding the child.

When approached by a reporter while they were on the way to the carpark, Cao appeared surprised but calm.

He told the reporter that he was "not ready" to give a statement yet and asked for some time, adding, "this is an invasion of privacy". Cao reportedly turned to Ms Shi and said, "Are you happy now?"

Cao then drove mother and daughter back to their hotel.

Ms Shi told Zaobao that she will be flying back to Shanghai in a few days time, before returning a month later to collect the results of the DNA test.

She added that Cao's stance towards the matter has changed, and if proven that the girl is his, he is willing to take responsibility.

Cao had previously denied fathering a child, telling Shin Min Daily News that "there's no such thing".

Read the full story here.

(Photos: Zaobao, Shin Min)

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Cao was spotted going to the hotel where mother and child were staying on Friday morning. Cao was accompanied by an unidentified man.
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Thanks. This is nice. It does bring back lots of memory.
I remember my ex-BF sang this song to me on our first date, I was very young then. Puppy love.
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Chicago is also one of my favorites. Another good one from them:

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They sang lots of sentimental songs. This is one of my favourite:
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