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Thu, 07 Feb 2013
The New Paper
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Rui En and Jeanette Aw together oncreen at last
by Charlene Chua

Together at last. But they're not even friends - at least not yet.

Local television's "princesses" Rui En and Jeanette Aw are finally starring in their first drama series together (as love rivals, no less), ending their fans' decade-long wait for the much anticipated on-screen pairing.

It's all the more significant as both actresses belong to the same management company, Hype Records, yet haven't crossed paths professionally until now.

Will there be rivalry? Or perhaps the coupling will lead to a budding friendship?

Whatever the outcome, all eyes will be on Channel 8's latest blockbuster drama, The Dream Makers, which is currently being filmed and will air in June.

Rui En, 31, told The New Paper recently: "Jeanette and I don't interact a lot. I can't say we're close."

"Even though we're signed to the same company, we rarely see each other."

"I would say we're just acquaintances. So I'm looking forward to working with her for the first time."

Said Aw, 33, in a separate interview: "I guess Rui En and I are both known loners in the industry."

"We meet when we have common events and it's always been a friendly relationship. But we don't know each other well on a personal level."

"How are she and I similar or different? Perhaps when the filming of our show is over and I get the chance to know her better, I will know just how to answer this."

Since signing up with Hype Records some 10 years ago, RuiEn and Aw have conquered Caldecott Hill and are famed for being two of the seven "MediaCorp princesses".

Even when former starlets Fiona Xie, Dawn Yeoh, Jesseca Liu and Felicia Chin were still acting full time, Rui En and Aw remained arguably the most popular, alongside Joanne Peh. So surely there has been rivalry between the two?

Said Rui En: "I think we've outgrown the whole princesses thing; it was a nice marketing tool. "The three of us (Rui En, Aw and Peh) are now doing our own thing. I don't think we need to compete or be compared to each other.

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(Photos: TNP, ST, Mediacorp)

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Rui En and Jeanette Aw are not least, not yet.
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readers' comments
Really...who gives an fug about these 2.
Posted by johnnykwek on Sun, 10 Feb 2013 at 10:42 AM
Singapore drama already in a sunset fashion, behind the likes of Hongkong, China, Taiwan drama shows. Most of the actor/actress do not know how to act naturally, most of them looks like they are reciting a mesmorised script, and honestly most of them are not pretty at all, no wonder the viewership is so low compared to others, yet still want to fight internally......sigh....
Posted by chinaman on Sun, 10 Feb 2013 at 10:12 AM


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