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Tue, 26 Feb 2013
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Former diving queen Guo Jingjing pregnant?

Is that a baby bump? Guo Jingjing's fuller figure and cautious demeanor at a recent event in Hong Kong has sparked speculation that the former diving queen might be expecting a child with husband Kenneth Fok Fai-kong.

All eyes have been on Jingjing's tummy ever since she tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, last year. As expected, being the wife of Kenneth—who is the eldest grandson of the late Henry Fok, an influential Hong Kong tycoon and philanthropist —the China-born athletic beauty was said to have to deal with the pressure of producing an heir for the wealthy family.

Apart from the anxious family members, Jingjing herself had also expressed her wish of becoming a mother after her wedding on the prosperous date of 11th November last year.

It looks like Jingjing and the Foks might have gotten their wish. At a recent public appearance with her other-half, the former sports star showed signs of early pregnancy through her attire.

On top of gaining a few extra pounds, Jingjing was wearing flats and a loose-fitting top, the usual part of a pregnant woman’s wardrobe.

To further fuel the pregnancy rumour, she kept touching and covering her stomach every now and then. Also, Kenneth was seen staying close to his wife and taking care of her.

So will there be a baby for the happy couple in the Year of the Snake? Well, Kenneth's dad Timothy, also an influential businessman in Hong Kong, joked: "Maybe Jingjing has had too much rice cake during Chinese New Year!

"I've not seen her after Chinese New Year. Let's talk about this after I've met up with her," he said.

Source: Oriental Daily (Hong Kong)

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Guo was spotted at a recent event wearing baggy clothes, and touching her belly. All eyes have been on Jingjing's tummy ever since she tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, last year.
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