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Fri, 21 Jun 2013
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One night with Dawn Yang
by Olivia Chang

Singaporeans have seen blogger Dawn Yang in various sexy guises, but what does the 28-year-old wear to bed?

RazorTV got cosy with Dawn in a pop-up hotel room in the heart of Orchard Road, as part of a promotional event for

So does she sleep in the nude?

"No definitely not," Dawn exclaims. "I like to sleep in something comfortable, baggy things, like one of my oversized shirts, or shorts and a tank top, something really comfortable."

Dawn opened up about her bed-time routine, which she says, starts from the inside. "I always make sure I'm well-hydrated, I drink a lot of water. I'm mindful of what I eat, I try to eat healthy as far as possible."

"I do like my unhealthy food, but I just try my best to cut down on it a bit, and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables."

For her skin care, Dawn stresses the importance of removing your makeup before going to bed, and to "moisturise a lot".

She also admits to being "a sucker" for products that can make her skin fairer.

"I like to put a Vitamin C serum, because i think it that helps with skin whitening."

It has been 10 years since Dawn started blogging. She has also set up a fashion blogshop with her sister.

But while she is enjoying success in her professional life, things are less certain on the love front.

Dawn says she is currently single, but is "looking" for a potential boyfriend.

So what kind of guy is she looking out for?

"I think to me firstly it is very important that he is Christian, so we have the same life values and religious views

Secondly, he must be funny, (have a) good sense of humour to make me laugh, he must be smart and he must have the same zest for life that I have."

How about looks-wise?

"I think looks aren't that important. But he must be able to groom himself well."

"As long as he is well-presented and has some sense of style, yes."

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What does 28-year-old celebrity blogger Dawn Yang wear to bed?
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