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I spent all my savings on website: Eunice Olsen
by Gwendolyn Ng

Eunice Olsen has worn many hats - she is Miss Singapore Universe 2000 and a former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP).

Now, the 35-year-old - who runs a TV- and film-production company - has launched a website to celebrate the social empowerment of women.

The website,, features interviews conducted by Olsen with inspiring Asian women.

The target is to release 24 videos in a year.

She has already interviewed eight Asian women who overcame adversity, including Paralympic swimmer Yip Pin Xiu and a Malaysian rape survivor who started a shelter for rape victims.

My Paper speaks to Olsen on what motivated her to start the self-funded Web series.

What compelled you to start the Web series?

When I hosted a lifestyle programme in September 2011, a woman I interviewed told me how her husband was embarrassed to take her out because she was "big". Only after she lost weight did he take her out.

When I heard that, I was stunned... I thought: "Why don't I do something?" It started with getting women to talk about what they are going through, so they could draw strength from each other.

Who was the most memorable interviewee?

I can't say. It's like being asked to pick your favourite child. They have all inspired me in very different ways.

The Paralympian was memorable because her interview was for the first video, which sparked off everything.

We even conducted one interview (with a Thai elephant-welfare advocate) under an elephant.

Read the full story here or click on to see more photos of Eunice Olso.

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(Photos: Eunice Olsen,WomanTalk, ST, TNP, Hermes, Olivier Henry)



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Eunice Olsen is a nominated Member of Parliament, a beauty queen, and a young global leader.
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readers' comments
Eunice, you're still an amazing woman after all these years in putting us on issues covering more than this tiny island :)
Posted by mystrawberry on Thu, 8 Aug 2013 at 09:47 AM


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