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Who's afraid of dating events?
by Jeanne Tai

Judging from last year's furore over "dating vouchers", it's still taboo to admit you go for state-supported dating events - what more if you've been going quietly for, say, the last 10 years.

That's why we were surprised when these four brave women, all frequenters of events backed by the Social Development Network (SDN), stepped up to share their stories: why they've been going faithfully for years, why they're not giving up on The One and how they don't feel pai seh about putting themselves out there.

Desperate, you say? No way. These are smart, independent women who are taking charge of their happiness - and their lives. And for that, we take our hats off to them.


Genecia Luo, 29, a charisma coach and author of self-help book You Are Possible: Personal Branding Secrets by Genecia Luo, is a former Miss Singapore Universe runner-up (2006) who has participated in several pageants.

She runs personality development training academy Inqueenz and has been using matchmaking services since 2008. Genecia seems to have it all: the 1.75m-tall beauty is confident, eloquent and smart, devouring up to 500 books a year, from investment guides to self-help tomes.

Her training academy conducts talks and personal development workshops for students and professionals. Genecia also works with dating agencies to offer dating coaching and grooming tips to their clients.

She may be a dream girl, but she sees no harm using a matchmaking agency to find her dream guy - someone mature, intelligent and witty. It started when her friend, a co-founder of dating agency The Dating Loft, encouraged her to try matchmaking.

"She had gone on 100 dates before finding her husband. She wanted to see me date and get hitched." But she had reservations. "This was five years ago, when there was still a stigma attached to dating agencies. Plus, people would say: 'You're a beauty queen! Why do you need a matchmaker?'" But she did it anyway.

While she wasn't having serious problems finding dates - she has had four serious relationships so far, all with men whom she met through friends - she felt there was no harm getting extra help. "I learnt not to care about cynics. It's my own life and happiness.

I just see dating agencies as another avenue to meet new friends," she says. Plus, success had placed some roadblocks in her love life. While entering pageants had widened her social circle, "it was much easier to date before I became a beauty queen," she says.

"Back then, people knew me for me. Now, they tend to have preconceived notions about me - that I'm too 'picky' or high maintenance.

Read the full story here.

Click on the thumbnails for more and Genecia Luo's dating tips.

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Genecia Luo is the Miss Singapore Universe 2006 second runner-up and Miss Singapore International 2006. She is also a finalist in The New Paper New Face modelling contest in 2003.
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readers' comments
If one survived facemeet, he or she will be fine with dating events. :)
Posted by renyeo on Wed, 21 Aug 2013 at 22:16 PM
stigma will always be there, but biggest hurdle is to overcome date did not meet your expectation,many do not give a second thought, benefit of doubt to first date

because many treat it as business, the date has to be beautiful,has to be rich,the focus will alwys be what car, stay where, work where ,which university...little to do with the essence,after all, that is why peoples pay

that is the reality
Posted by jameslee58 on Wed, 21 Aug 2013 at 22:09 PM


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