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Tue, 03 Dec 2013
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Why do women spend more time in the toilet than men?
by RazorTV

For every woman who had to wait in line just to relieve themselves, help is here.

From next year, new buildings will need to have five toilets for women for every three urinals or toilet in the men's room.

It is a universal fact - women spend more time in toilets. And finally, someone is doing something about it.

The announcement was made last week that more women's toilets will be built. The guidelines will come into effect in public areas like MRT stations, shopping malls and convention centres in June 2014.

But that does not solve the root of the problem.

What do women do behind closed doors that take so long?

Here are some responses from the public that RazorTV received:

"Women have to use the cubicle, men don't have to..."

"You have to put down your things, hanging it first."

"Because of feminine hygiene issues."

"Making sure the toilet seat is clean, that you can sit on it, by wiping it."

"Men are quite fast in undressing themselves, but women have more layers, and things like that."

Then there are other distractions when women step out of the cubicle - like taking photos of themselves.

"Sometimes, girls like to take selfies in the toilets."

"I sometimes go out with a bunch of friends, then we'll take photos in toilets.."

"If our hair is nice, then we'll take (photos)."

But wanting to look good is not a female perogative.

"I also take quite long in the toilet. I'm quite vain," said one guy.

"I style my hair, then look at my hair."

What about the most crowded toilets to avoid?

Vivocity, Cineleisure and Takashimaya, say some.

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