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Sat, Jul 24, 2010
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A breast massage to remove toxins
by Cynthia Loh

Can wearing a bra cause you to get cancer?

A 1995 study conducted on 4,700 women suggested that wearing tight bras for a longer period of time can increase your risk of breast cancer.

This is because the breasts have arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels which carry blood and waste matter. Any constriction on the lymphatic system which is passive (meaning it does not have an internal pressure to pump fluids around it), can close the tiny lymphatic vessels down, inhibiting lymph flow and lead to fluid accumulation.

According to Dr Kelvin Chua, medical director of Dr Kelvin Chua, the most effective form of breast massage, is the one which aids in draining and removing toxin.

The therapist pays special attention to the direction of the lymphatic drainage system, while the pressure and strokes are also very important as it must be applied with the right pressure in order to drain the toxins without stimulating the nipple that may then cause ductal production/secretion.

Dr Chua will first personally assess the condition of the breasts, before the therapy  is administered by a female therapist. They are trained in delivering strokes based on Dr Vodder’s MLD massage to ensure that toxins are properly drained via the lymphatics.

A cream for lubrication is also used to enhance the flow and experience of the massage. Beginning with a general upper chest massage stroke to relieve tension, certain accupoints are then pressed and massaged to further relieve the tension of the pectoral muscles.

Next, the massage is generally done in an anti-clockwise motion to promote maximum lymphatic drainage. The strokes are done in a circular anti-clockwise motion, starting from the base of the breast.

An hour long session costs S$68 at the SkinLab Medical Spa, Wheelock Place.

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