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Dad's bonding formula
by Jason Magbanua

Wedding Videographer Jason Magbanua, dad to seven-year-old Jakob and three-year-old Lukas, is glad to be a young dad. "I'm fortunate to have been a dad early. I still get to share common passions with my sons, especially the firstborn. My son relates to me in ways I could never have with my late dad, maybe because of the age gap. Fathers my age perhaps refer to themselves as the 'cool dad' and I'd like to believe I am too."

He bonds with his kids over many things including computers, the Internet and video games. "We're geeks in the household!" he says.

Are you strict or are you a spoiler?

"Between me and my wife Pang, I would think that I'm the stricter parent. I set the rules. I have the final say. I'm usually the 'KJ' dad who enforces stuff. It's tough, but somebody has to do it."

How do you bond with your sons?

"We talk about computers, the Internet and animal trivia, video games and comic books. We play Wii, DSi, PS3 and 'Youtube' the crap out of everything. Perhaps the Wii is our best approximation of physical activity. We debate who's cooler, Batman or Daredevil, the Coraline movie or the graphic novel. I'm schooled in the ways of Pokemon, to their utter dismay. My kids are really into music, the loud kind. I am lame for not appreciating Linkin Park. We love the mall and going to the toy store!

Any favorite stories about your kids?

"A conversation between Pang and Jakob in Makati Medical Center's restaurant:

Pang: 'Jakob, would you like to try bird's nest soup?'

Jakob: 'Mommy, do you know what that's made of?'

Pang: 'Yes.'

Jakob: 'And you expect me to eat saliva?'"

Unforgettable memory?

"November 2008 was the first time we brought them out of the country to Hong Kong Disneyland. The trip was awesome! The kids were wide-eyed and darting here and there. That was paradise. Making them happy made us happy. When Disney was closing down and it was time to go home, Jakob said, 'So, where do we go next year for my birthday?' Aba, nawili!"

What's one lesson you want to teach your children?

"That it's okay to be different and to have your own mind-as long as you continue to respect others."

What do you love the most about being a dad?

"The big, slobbery kiss after a hard day of shooting."

Paeng Nepomuceno, 52, businessman

Paeng Nepomuceno and his wife recently celebrated their 25th silver anniversary. "Our kids were part of our renewal vows," he said.

His children, 23-year-old Rafael Jose, 18-year-old Saira Margarita and 13-year-old Isabel Angela, are Paeng's big priority. "I try my best to spend quality time with my children in spite of my busy schedule. I try to treat them all equally and give equal attention to each one."

Are you strict or are you a spoiler?

"It depends on what the occasion calls for."

How do you bond with your kids?

"We spend quality time together by taking them out. I also make sure that I am around by dinnertime. I also arrange my schedule so that when they have downtime, we spend it together specially during summer."

What's your favorite thing to do with your kids?

"My kids like to eat out so I try to take them out every once in a while."

What's one lesson you want to teach your child?

"Perseverance, patience and determination to succeed, and I hope that I am a good example of these [traits]."

What do you love the most about being a dad?

"After a long day, I come home to a cheerful family. I am not a champion, I am not Paeng. I am just a dad coming home to his family and one who is loved unconditionally."


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