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Fri, Sep 24, 2010
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Fancl's Mild Cleansing in 'Ballet Dance' design

Yes, we're in love with the pretty designs on the bottles as FANCL presents its Mild Cleansing Oil in "Ballet Dance" design, after the launch of it bestselling Facial Washing Powder and Facial Washing Powder Light in a limited edition 'Hula Dance' design by celebrated Japanese fashion illustrator Licaco.

Licaco, a highly regarded Japanese fashion illustrator based in Tokyo whose work has graced female magazines, advertisements, websites and book covers, uses her signature style and attention to the finest details and use of vivid colours to bring her illustrations to life.

Check out the series here

Dressed up in bold, bright hues like seafoam, turquoise, raspberry pink and tangerine, the dazzling collectible motif embodies the confidence and vivaciousness of a free-spirited hula dancer. With a hibiscus tucked behind her ear, she is captured as a fresh-faced beauty with an unbridled passion and zest for life.

The star ingredient in the Mild Cleansing Oil - meadow foam oil - absorbs dirt in pores and dissolves keratin plugs to keep pores clear.

Fans of Fancl's preservative-free washing powder and washing powder light already know it is a power-packed item that uses foam to wash out and remove impurities.

The Facial Washing Powder produces a creamy and dense foam when a teaspoon of it is thoroughly massaged into a wet foaming ball. It will thoroughly lift dirt and impurities and prevent them from being redeposited into the skin.

At the same time, it gently cocoons the skin to retain natural and essential moisture, and cushions it from additional stress. The result - comfortably soft and smooth skin, perfectly cleansed.

Those who prefer a more moisturized effect can choose the Facial Washing Powder, while those who prefer a lighter effect will enjoy the refreshing after-wash feel of the Facial Washing Powder Light version.

FANCL's Limited Edition Ballet Series also comes in limited edition "Perfect Washing Set" Collection consists of 60ml Mild Cleansing Oil and 25g Facial Washing Powder and retails at $28.

FANCL's Limited Edition Ballet Dance Collection Mild Cleansing Oil retails at S$33 for 120ml.


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