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Wed, Nov 24, 2010
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Exhibiting feminine elegance through cheongsams

At 62, Shen Li Hua is a pretty woman whose closet holds more than three hundred cheongsams. She admits to having a soft spot for these traditional Chinese dresses because of they way they help her to exude gentleness and elegance.

And of course, they show off her very shapely figure too.

Shen told Guang Ming Daily that her special preference for cheongsams was influenced by her mother, who passed away when the latter was 99-years old.

Shen's mother was a teacher and she was crazy about cheongsams. She was wearing her favourite cheongsam when she passed away.

The dresses also help Shen remember her mother's warm smiles.

However, Shen could not bear to wear a cheongsam when she was in her 20s and 30s, as that she had thought that cheongsams should only be worn by older women.

Over 300 cheongsams in her collection

Her cheongsams are acquired from around the world. Each of them cost from a few hundred to a few thousand ringgit. She is also not a demanding person, except when it comes to her cheongsams.

She loves all kinds of cheongsams, particularly those in bright red colours. Cheongsams with designs of peony flowers are also her favourite.

Shen has tried to put on a cheongsam every day as she aimed to wear all her three hundred cheongsams within a year. Nevertheless, she gave up eventually as it was a torture wearing cheongsams on hot days.

Even though she does not wear cheongsams every day, cheongsams are still her favourite clothes when attending formal functions or dinners as they are elegant and easy to wear.

Shanghainese cheongsams her favourite

To make sure she fits her cheongsams, Shen has kept her diet strictly under control. This has also become a perfect way for her to keep fit.

Shen said she loved Shanghainese cheongsams the most, as they were made of the best materials and were exquisitely hand-woven.

She would always make sure that she gets the best tailoring for all her cheongsams so that they can truly showcase her feminine elegance.

She added that as cheongsams were considered high quality clothes, women should learn to maintain their body shapes in a dignified and restrained posture while wearing cheongsams so as to deliver a woman's well-defined temperaments.

Keeping pets and having active social life

Caring and loving women are the most gorgeous around. Shen keeps a lot of fishes and dogs at home as she believes pets add cheer to her life.

Apart from that, she also joins a choir and subscribes to an active social life with plenty of friends. Travelling is one of her hobbies too, as this could broaden her vision and dispel her worries.

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