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Tue, Dec 07, 2010
The New Paper
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Pretty women have more daughters

DR SATOSHI Kanazawa, 48, may not be known for his politically correct theories on evolution.

But his politically incorrect theories have certainly created a stir around the world when he said, among other things, that ugly couples are more likely to have sons.

The 48-year-old researcher at the London School of Economics has released his latest book titled Ten Politically Incorrect Truths about Human Nature.

The book is perfectly designed to provoke debate and cause a storm of controversy with almost every entry, the Daily Mail reported.

Here are some of them:

Women are becoming more beautiful as they have more daughters

According to Dr Kanazawa's theory, beautiful women have more children than their plainer counterparts, and a higher proportion of their children are girls.

These daughters, once adult, also tend to be attractive, and so the pattern continues. An example of beautiful celebrity mothers with equally beautiful daughters is Jerry Hall and her two daughters Elizabeth and Georgia Jagger.

Men who cheat are stupid, because they haven't evolved

This is based on the assertion that through evolutionary history, men have always been "mildly polygamous".

That has changed, however, and Dr Kanazawa explains that entering a sexually exclusive relationship is an "evolutionarily novel" development for them.

He says intelligent people are more likely to adopt what in evolutionary terms are new practices - to become"more evolved".

Therefore, in the case of fidelity, men who cannot adapt and end up succumbing to temptation are likely to be more stupid.

This does not apply to women because they have always been expected to be faithful to one mate - even in polygamous societies.

Why some people spend every Saturday night alone

The traits sought after by men and women are culturally universal - men want women to have traits such as youth and beauty while women want men to be powerful and wealthy.

To people who do not fit into either of these stereotypes with the words, Dr Kanazawa says: "You may be comforted to know that you are not alone in your plight. There are losers like you everywhere in the world..."

And so, he says, if you are alone on a Saturday night, it is "because you probably don't possess the qualities that members of the opposite sex seek in potential mates".

Why the midlife crisis is a myth

Men go through midlife crisis only because their wives are going through one, Dr Kanazawa's theory says.

He claims that men who marry younger women are unlikely to have a mid-life crisis themselves because this event will not take place.

He says: "When he buys a shiny red sports car, he's not trying to regain his youth. He's trying to attract young women to replace his menopausal wife by trumpeting his flashand cash."


This article was first published in The New Paper.


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