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Mon, Dec 13, 2010
Sin Chew Daily
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Planning the perfect wedding

BUKIT MERTAJAM, Penang: Yumiko, the person-in-charge at "Dreamwork Workshop" Bukit Mertajam, told Sin Chew Daily all modern couples want romantic and impeccable weddings that would satisfy their requirements.

She added that as these people had received plenty of romantic ideas from movies and other luxurious weddings, they would want something just as romantic and impeccable when they tie the knots in the future.

Trapped between fashion and tradition

Yumiko said many newly-weds were annoyed prior to their big days, as they were struggling for a decision whether to hold a fashionable wedding or a traditional one.

A wedding planner, she totally understands the "dilemma" of Chinese Malaysians, and would adopt a more open approach when making wedding plans for her customers.

Depending on budget

She said the principal objective in any wedding plan was to make the bride and groom the focal points of the day. A pair of perfect-looking bride and groom, a joyful scene, a romantic wedding theme along with some exquisite colours, would make what money deem as a dream wedding.

According to Yumiko, the planning of details or theme for a wedding would very much depend on customer requirements. Some rely completely on the wedding planner to come up with the ideas after they have expressed their ideal theme.

A wedding planner is also required to take control of the wedding ceremony and manage the budgeting and the number of invited guests.

Yumiko said those planning to get married did not have to worry so much about their limited budgets, as she provided wedding packages starting from around RM3,000 (S$1,254) up to RM10,000. Therefore, customers could look forward to unique and romantic weddings thanks to the professional assistance of their wedding planners.

She explained that many newly-weds had the impression that they needed to come up with a lot of money to plan for their weddings and that their weddings must be luxurious. As a matter of fact, "Dreamwork Workshop" is striving to satisfy the needs of different people by offering a diverse range of wedding packages that meet the varying budgets.

She said a wedding ceremony without proper planning could be tough for the couples both physically and mentally, as they had to plan every single detail of the wedding themselves from purchasing goods for their new houses, taking wedding photos, decorating the wedding hall, to sending out invitation cards to guests.

By hiring professional wedding planners, newly-weds could delegate all the above tasks to them. In addition, some creative wedding planners are capable of capturing the unique and romantic characters of weddings. They will work out the relevant information and reasonable proposals to for a perfect plan that includes every single detail of the weddings, such as etiquette guidance, rehearsals, as well as coordination in acquiring the necessary supplies, wedding venues and paperworks.

Those interested can visit "Dreamwork Workshop" on Facebook or its website, or write to [email protected].

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