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Fri, Dec 17, 2010
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Lingerie designed by Thai Princess
by Kupluthai Pungkanon

Crystal chandeliers and other sensual lights reflected off the polished catwalk on Wednesday night as Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana treated champagne-sipping guests to a viewing of her Princess lingerie collection.

Raising funds for a Breast Cancer Centre at the National Cancer Institute, the thrilling show featured 29 sets of sophisticated bras, briefs, corsets and body suits in four themes - Flower, Gladiator, Neo-Romantic and Instinct.

All were made using advanced cutting techniques and posh lace, satin and crystals.

Adding value to the fashion show was the Princess' "Soft Power" photography exhibition.

Princess Sirivannavari decided that innerwear best suited the project.

"I was informed of the multiple challenges confronting this worthy institute, in particular their struggles to establish a Breast Cancer Centre," she explained.

"It's an outstanding charity project in which all of us can join hands in solidarity to help those unfortunate women suffering from breast cancer."

She conceived the pieces in Paris, where she's undergoing training in fashion design.

"My key words are 'Love, Hope and Faith'. For a woman, wearing innerwear is equally as vital as laying a solid foundation for a building. In that same regard, I feel that a designer's most important role is to shape and design the human body's structure and contours."

The Princess emphasised colour, cut and materials, aiming to make the lingerie beautiful and high-class so that the wearer feels confident inside and out.

"The designs have to be modern, and both colours and materials must be unique. Most importantly, this collection must reflect the true aesthetic values of haute couture," she said.

The show opened with "Instinct", the models clad in printed graphics that reflected a woman's maternal instinct to protect life. There were blowing smoke patterns and structures that evoked the image of horses fleeing danger.

A laser beam announced the "Gladiator" collection, a celebration of woman's inner strength. As a placard in the photo exhibition says, "When a woman fights, she draws on her inner strengths. It's a light, a magical hope she discovers in her darkest moment."

Black predominated in outfits that spoke of deep mysteries. Dazzling Swarovski crystals adorned the body suits, bras and the knickers to create both profound luxury and subtle sexiness.

Delicate femininity was the concept of "Flower", with lingerie made primarily of sheer French and Italian lace and frills in soft hues of pink, nude and beige.

The 1970s hit song "Roxanne" by the Police signalled the start of the "Neo-Romantic" segment, with models in super-high heels suggesting a world any woman can create within herself. There was a range of luxurious, sexy and stylish items in a mingling of lace and satin.

Dry-ice fog billowed as model Pitsinee "Si" Tanwiboon appeared to introduce the finale, dressed in an elegant white body suit adorned with rich golden embroidery.

Of her photography, Princess Sirivannavari said she began by seeking the advice of friends who are professionals. For her own exhibition, she drew inspiration from the hip art of David LaChapelle, Damien Hirst and Timothy "Tim" Walker and the Madonna song "Frozen".

"After viewing a wide range of photo exhibitions, developing my own style, learning lighting techniques, the use of lenses and methods of creating mood through photography, eventually I finalised the concept and all details, which flowed in the same direction and reflected the main themes of the Princess Collection."

Princess Sirivannavari notes that every woman has the power to give life, and at the entrance to her exhibition was this message: "Soft power hidden in all women. Between truth and beauty, strength and romanticism, lies the natural instinct to create and protect."


1) The Princess Collection is available at department stores. Prices start at Bt2,000 (S$87.40).

2) Spend more than Bt6,000 and you can have a breast-cancer exam at a participating hospital.

3) See the photography exhibition "Soft Power" on the fourth floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre through February 15, Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 9pm.

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