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Wed, Dec 22, 2010
The New Paper
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She keeps it simple with money
by Kwok Kar Peng

TAIWANESE model and actress Lin Chiling earned NT$160 million (S$7 million) this year, according to a report by website Chinataiwan. org.

But the 36-year-old star of movies like Red Cliff and The Treasure Hunter was coy when The New Paper asked her about it.

“I was only informed (about it) by the media. I actually don’t know about it,” she said sweetly in English. “(The amount) is probably not correct.”

Is it perhaps 80 per cent correct,weasked. Hmm,she paused. “I cannot give you the exact numbers now, but it’s not correct.”

She added cordially: “(What I earned) is a secret.”

The leggy beauty was in town last week for the opening of entertainment outlet OverTime at Dempsey Hill. The Malaysian chain has also opened another outlet at Holland Village. Lin’s reluctance to confirm the report on her earnings could have something to do with her tax case, which she said has not been resolved yet.

It was reported in October that she has been ordered by a court to pay NT$6.84 million to the Taiwan tax authorities.

The taxman had found out that she had paid less tax than she wassupposed to between 2003and 2005.

Lin’s mother reportedly said they will appeal against the judgment.

The media has reported that Lin is the top-earning model in Taiwan.

A distant second is fellow model-actress Sonia Sui, whoreportedly earned NT$20million. In third place is another model-actress, Bianca Bai,
who pocketed NT$15million.

Lin said that she is conservative when it comes to spending her money, “contrary to how it looks”. “It’s pretty simple. A big portion of my earnings goes to making life and my living standard better,” she said.

By that, she meant a good home, she said. She lives with her family.

She added: “Home is cosy and isn’t big or very grand. There are four bedrooms and it’s a nice place to gather everyone together.”

She said she doesn’t splurge on material goods “because you don’t actually need it”. It could also be because the endorsement queen receives many sponsored items  through work.

Lin is a spokesman for beauty products, hair care products, clothes, watchesand shoes.

The only thing she “buys” for herself is vacations, though she has time for only a week-long holiday in a year.

As she is easily recognised in Asia, she flies to Europe for a getaway.

She added with a laugh that she also has a secret disguise that gets her around unnoticed. So does she stay in six-star hotels, get massages every day or go on crazy  shopping sprees?

No, she replied, she’s not extreme like that.

“I find time to relax and to pamper myself. To read a book or drink a cup of coffee, that’s wonderful enough for me already.

“Normally, I have to set my alarm clock (to wake up in the morning). But during my holidays, I sleep in.”

She doesn’t necessarily stay only in luxury accommodation, and recalled how she had shacked up at 21/2-star boutique hotels.

Lin added that she will also spend a lot to make her family happy and their living standards better, and to fulfil others’ wishes.

She could be referring to her yearly calendars. According to the Chinese website Sina, she had spent NT$1 million to produce her 2011 calendar. She flew to Rome for the  location shoot.

In the report, Lin said she has raised more than NT$4 million from the sales of the calendar, and the money will be donated to 27 charity organisations benefiting children,women,the sick and the elderly.


This article was first published in The New Paper.

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