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Tue, Dec 28, 2010
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Anti-ageing treats from Fancl

Beautiful skin looks plump, fresh and firm. And those qualities come from the protein, collagen.

But as we age, our collagen also ages with us, and our bodies are not as able to produce new collagen to replace the old protein strands.

Fancl's new anti-ageing range uses ingredients derived from milk thistle to eliminate old collagen and boost production of new collagen to give skin a boost, and apple polyphenol to improve skin's texture and firmness.

While there is the Beauty Concentrate serum for use all over face, also try the Beauty Concentrat Treatment Mask to tame those wrinkles around the eyes. The serum contains Hop Extract to clear oxydised protein that is caused by UV rays and ageing.

The eye mask contains lychee seed extract to lock in moisture to relieve fine lines and smooth emollient oil that enhances skins' barrier function.

And since Fancl believes in holistic care for skin, there is the Bright Lift. These tablets contain polyphenol which strenghthens the skin's collagen to achieve firmness.

Couple with the TenseUp Ex which also contains Apple Polyphenol, to stop wrinkles from deepening.

Diva's recommendation: With Fancl's philosophy of not adding harmful preservatives, this range is a joy to use. The Beauty Concentrate and Beauty Concentrate Treatment Mask work immediately to give skin a plumper appearance and more hydrated feel.

While the Concentrate is absorbed quickly into the skin and has no discernible fragrance, the Treatment eye pad was soaked with a generous amount of the concentrated version of the serum, which we thought looked a bit too much for our delicate eye area. But after application, our skin did perk up. This range is meant for drier, more mature skin, hence the emollient oil, and the slightly thicker consistency of the serum.

As for the Inner Treats such as TenseUp Ex and Bright Lift, while we liked the slight orange flavour with a hint of yoghurt, we can't tell if Bright Lift has worked for us inside out, since we aren't into a month of use yet.

The FANCL Mutenka Anti-Aging Range is available from 21 January 2011 at all FANCL outlets. FANCL Limited Edition 'Flamenco Dance' mild cleansing oil is available now at all FANCL outlets. Every purchase comes with an additional 20ml bottle.

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