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Tue, Jan 04, 2011
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10 make-up mistakes to steer clear of

Some people consider it good manners to look groomed in public. And make-up plays a big part of women's daily routine of dressing up. But there are mistakes to avoid, so you don't end up like a sore thumb.

Here are 10 of the most common make-up mistakes that women make:

1) Using the incorrect shade of foundation.

Nothing's worse than having your face a different shade of colour from the rest of your body. To avoid this mistake, make sure you test your new foundation in bright, natural light. The correct shade should 'disappear' into your skin.

2) Wearing too much - or too little make-up.

Full-on bold eyes for a trip to the nearby coffeeshop to grab a bite just makes you look way out of place. Similarly, appearing at a grand function without even as much as your lipstick makes you look like you don't care.

3) Over-tweezing (or under-plucking) those eyebrows.

Ask any make-up guru and they'll tell you your eyebrows frame your face. So it's important to have well-groomed ones that neat. The best shape to have are for eyebrows to follow the natural arch of your browbone. Maintain by taking off strays that are over or under this arch, and fill in any sparse areas where hairs may not grow.

4) Clumpy eyelashes.

This happens because you're still using mascara that is more than six months old. Be sure to discard any mascara three months after opening, or if the smell has gone off. Also take care to clean off any mascara lumps on the brush.

5) Streaky eye makeup.

In our hot, humid weather, make-up around the eyes can run due to a combination of heat, sweat, and some overactive oil glands. Be sure not to apply moisturiser around the eye area before applying your eye makeup, and set it with some powder after you're done applying.

6) Unprimed skin.

Good make-up requires a good base, that is, a good complexion. This can only be achieved with a proper skincare routine to ensure that skin is free of bumps, outbreaks or hyperpigmentation. This means regular slapping on of sunblock, a cleansing routine, proper diet, lots of water, and a good moisturiser for your skin. This way, make-up goes on smoothly and colours last longer.

7) Using too much concealer on zits, freckles, and age spots.

Trying too hard to cover up may just make that blotch look worse. Just a layer or two of concealer to minimise these imperfections will do.

8) Sleeping with your make-up on.

Micro particles in your make-up can clog your skin, if not properly removed and left to stay on overnight. Make sure to use an appropriate make-up remover for the job.

9) Using the wrong make-up for your skin.

If you have oily skin, a foundation that is oil-based is a definite no-no as you'll undoubtedly end up with a too-shiny face before the day is over. Similarly, dry skins should stay away from powder foundations, or lines and wrinkles will show up even more. Be sure to check with your beauty consultant before making your purchase.

10) Overdoing make-up on one feature of your face.

While the beauty gurus say the trick is to pay attention to one feature and highlight it, nobody wants to look at a face and see only a pair of red lips, or see eyeshadow that only disguises your peepers. The idea is to use make-up to play up your best features, not hide it.

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