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Thu, Jan 20, 2011
Brought to you by SK-II
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7-day miracle journey to crystal clear skin

One of Japan’s most talented young actresses, Haruka Ayase has won numerous Nikkan Sports Drama and Television Drama Academy Awards and most notably in 2009, the Blue Ribbon Award for Best Actress.

Introducing Haruka Ayase, SK-II’s latest brand ambassador.

“The miracle of crystal clear
skin is a miracle just waiting
to happen. I know because it’s
already happening to me.”

Haruka Ayase, Japanese Actress
SK-II Special

“People sometimes say that
SK-II is too good for young skin.
But I can tell you, it’s done nothing
but wonders for me.”

Haruka Ayase
Japanese Actress

A rising star in Japan’s film and television industry, Haruka Ayase is conscious about how her skin looks onscreen. And now that she’s turned 25, she’s all the more determined to  achieve life-long beautiful skin.

Turning 25 is a turning point in life, according to her. It’s a time when girls blossom into women, a time when she – ten years after her television debut – is beginning to establish herself as a serious actress. “I greatly admire actresses who are determined and have a strong unwavering core. Nothing beats hard work. It’s true for acting and it’s also true for skin care.”

It was her passion for beautiful skin that led her to SK-II. And what a surprise it was, within days of using SK-II, she discovered that her skin has become what she calls mochi-mochi egg skin* – and what we at SK-II call, crystal clear skin.

*Hard boiled peeled egg.

Share your personal 7-day journey to crystal clear skin and stand a chance to win a year’s worth of SK-II products valued at S$1000. For a little inspiration, get a glimpse of Ayase’s own journey at

Begin your miracle journey today and a year’s worth of SK-II products can be yours.
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