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Tue, Jan 18, 2011
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Ryan Seacrest gives insider view to Golden Globes

What gets Ryan Seacrest excited when he covers the Golden Globes live from the red carpet? Which movies, and celebrities get the thumbs-up from him? He tells E! Entertainment Television.

E! Entertainment Television: How do you remember all the things about each celebrity you interview on the Red Carpet?

Ryan Seacrest: I happen to be a fairly ardent film and television junkie, which really helps. Plus I have a great team surrounding me who keep me informed so that I am never really out of the loop.

E!:  Which do you think will win the following categories at Golden Globes, and a brief
line about each, please:

Ryan: I've been at this too long to try and predict how the Hollywood Foreign Press is likely to vote, but see some very strong contenders for 2011 includes:

Best Movie - Drama
"The King's Speech" - With great performances from British and Australian actors alike, this film has got to be at the top of many foreign journalists' lists of favorites. Also, "The Fighter" is an amazing film and could very well be a strong contender as well, no pun intended.

Best Movie - Comedy or Musical
There is such an odd list of nominees in this category, it is just impossible to guess, but
there is no denying the creative genius of Tim Burton and "Alice in Wonderland."

Best Actor - Drama
I've got to go with James Franco this year, and the fact that he was booked to host the
Oscars tells you this could very well be his big moment.

Best Actress - Drama
Nicole Kidman in "Rabbit Hole" gave a riveting portrayal, and could well walk away with the prize.

E!:  We always get a perfect view of what’s happening during E!’s Live From the Red
Carpet special. Please give us an idea of what it is that we DON'T see on camera?

Ryan: Organized chaos! Just imagine all that star power and energy packed into such a small space for a very short period of time.

E!: What is your opinion of Anne Hathaway and James Franco as hosts for the 2011
Oscars? Doesn't the show fare better with a comedian as host?

Ryan: Anne Hathaway and James Franco are true movie stars, and I think they will have viewers
eating out of their hands from the moment they walk onstage.

E!:  As a popular TV figure you surely get lots of attention when you travel. What is the strangest/funniest proposal you've received from a fan?

Ryan: Actually, fans are really lovely to me and rarely make inappropriate advances. Of course, there is always the odd stranger who approaches me in a busy airport and truly expects me to get them on Idol based on that chance meeting.

E!: How do you keep things fresh after doing so many Red Carpets? Doesn't it get old?

Ryan: Every awards show presents new opportunities because of the new material the actors do from year to year. Talking with Jeremy Renner about "The Hurt Locker," for example, is very different than talking with him about "The Town."

E!: What's the craziest thing you have seen at an awards show after-party?

Ryan: I wish I could tell you something, but I am usually preparing for the next day's E! News after the awards shows.

E!: Who do you think throws the best after-party in Hollywood?

Ryan: For sheer star power and glamour, you really can't beat the Vanity Fair Party. It has
become an institution and many stars feel like they have not "arrived" until they have been

E!: Who do you think are the most elegant/fashionable male and female celebs, which
never disappoint on the Red Carpet?

Ryan: In just a few short years, Anne Hathaway has really become one of the fashionistas to watch. Among the guys, George Clooney and Brad Pitt never seem to disappoint fans.

E!: Women spend hours getting ready for the Red Carpet. How about you, Ryan any
special grooming regime to prepare for the big day?

Ryan: There is not really a day that goes by that I am not on camera, so prepping for it is just part of my daily routine. On Red Carpet days, however, I do try to wait as late as possible to shave since my day starts so early. You just don't want to hug Meryl Streep with stubble, you know.

If you missed the live coverage of the Golden Globes, be sure to tune in to Fashion Police: The 2011 Golden Globe Awards  on Wednesday, 19 January 2011 (Singapore time 1.40pm) exclusively on E! Entertainment Television (Starhub Cable Channel 441)

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