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Tue, Jan 18, 2011
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Golden Globes fashion lowdown with Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic gets up close and personal with Hollywood's biggest names, and finds out what they are wearing. E! Entertainment Television quizzes her on all things Golden Globes, especially on the fashion trends that have bedazzled starstruck fans all over the world.

E! Entertainment Television: Do you actually watch all the nominated movies and shows? Where do you find the time?

Giuliana Rancic: It is simply impossible to watch EVERYTHING, so I really try to focus on the major categories and the "star vehicles" since I know I will likely be talking with those stars on the carpet.

Luckily, by the time Oscars comes around, I've had more time to fill in some of the gaps after Golden Globes.

E!: What is the weirdest thing you have seen on the Red Carpet?

Giuliana: One of the strangest things I’ve witnessed on the red carpet was when the gorgeous young actress Megan Fox said that she thought she looked like a transvestite when she looked in the mirror.

She was dead serious when she said that in the interview and it shocked everyone because she is so stunning!

E!: Who was the last celebrity who made you feel star struck, and why?

Giuliana: The last celebrity who made me feel star struck is Al Pacino. At the last Emmy Awards, he arrived late and wasn’t going to do any press, but I ran down to the carpet and brought him back up to the E! platform for an interview that ended up being great!

E!: How do you prepare yourself for the fashion that you will be seeing on the Red
Carpet? Do you read up on the various designers, or have your team to find out who
will be wearing what – so that you are prepared.

Giuliana: Yes, we have a fashion squad that is devoted to learning who will be wearing what leading up to the big day. I like to know the designers, trends, colors and silhouettes that are going to be the most prominent on the carpet beforehand, so I can let the audience know what to expect.

E!: What movies (in the following categories below) do you predict will win big at the
coming 2011 Golden Globes Awards? Please give us a brief line for each movie on
why you predicted so.

Giuliana: Best Movie – Drama
The Social Network – It was an incredibly well written and very well told story.

Best Movie – Comedy
The Kids Are All Right – The acting is terrific!

Best Actor – Drama
Colin Firth (The King’s Speech) – He gave a terrific performance.

Best Actor – Comedy
Johnny Depp (Alice in Wonderland) – Johnny is fabulous at transforming himself into

Best Actress – Drama
Natalie Portman (Black Swan) – She gave the performance of a lifetime!

Best Actress – Comedy
Annette Bening (The Kids Are Alright) – She is such an exceptional actress.

E!: How much of what you ask the stars on the Red Carpet are your personal choice and how much are from the E! Live From the Red Carpet production team?

Giuliana: Oh, it is a healthy combination of both.

Since I research, write and report entertainment news every day, I already know a lot of what is topical and on viewers' minds. Luckily, I have great producers who will also tell me important bits of information beforehand in our pre-meetings as we prepare for the big day so that I don't forget to ask something big.

E!: If you could choose a fashion theme that stars should go for on the Red Carpet this
Awards Season, what will it be? Classic Elegance, Glitz and Glamour or Understated

Giuliana: Classic Elegance.

E!: Does your husband (Bill Rancic) hang out with you at these Red Carpet show or just off-camera perhaps?

Giuliana: No, he does not. Bill is busy traveling the world working so he doesn’t have time to hang out with me on the red carpet.

E!: Which do you spend more time on in preparing for a Red Carpet show -- your
wardrobe/hair/makeup or what you will be asking the stars?

Giuliana: Wardrobe! I am always confident that my hair and makeup looks fabulous because I have to be hair-and-makeup ready for E! News every day, but with dresses, they change seasonally, so sometimes I don’t know what I am wearing until the last minute. It’s quite nerve-wracking!

E!: You tend to do all the fashion stuff, while Ryan does more interviews with the stars?
Who do you think has the best job of the two of you?

Giuliana: Me, for sure. I adore fashion and have all my life, so it is natural that I would take the lead on that. But I also get to interview top stars as well, so I really have the best of both worlds.

E!: If money were of no objection, which designer would you ask to create an ensemble for you and you alone to wear on the Red Carpet?

Giuliana: If money were of no objection, I would love to have Oscar de la Renta or Valentino create an ensemble for me; it would be an honor to wear a custom dress by either one of those timelessly classic designers.

E!: Name two to three male and female celebrities who you think are the most elegantly fashionable and never disappoints on the Red Carpet?

Male Celebrities: George Clooney, Jon Hamm, Mark Wahlberg

Female Celebrities: Natalie Portman, Sandra Bullock, January Jones

E!: Since you are doing LFRC (Live From the Red Carpet) and Fashion Police the very next day, have you ever been a little worried about what Joan Rivers might have to say about what you wore on the Red Carpet?

Giuliana: Joan Rivers (Fashion Police) has one of the keenest eyes for fashion in the world. I would gladly accept any constructive criticism she would have.

E!: Tell us about one of your 'personal best' moments on the Red Carpet?

Giuliana: I was in the middle of interviewing Tom Hanks at the 74th Academy Awards, the year Halle Berry won for "Monster’s Ball," and Halle was walking onto the carpet during my interview with Tom. He is a lovely man and I would never disrespect him, but my producer was screaming in my ear, "Here comes Halle Berry. Get her!" I thought quickly and said "Tom, have you met Halle Berry," introducing the two of them right there on live television. Turns out they had NOT met before and I was able to really make a great moment out of a potential missed opportunity. Whew!

E!: Having your own show on E! (Giuliana and Bill), do you view yourself more as a
presenter/host or a celebrity, and why?

Giuliana: I feel that celebrity happens because of the onscreen work that you do. My real job is to research, write, produce and present entertainment news. It happens that because of, my husband's (Bill Rancic) victory on "The Apprentice," it made sense that people might like to watch a show about how we make our marriage work. So far so good but, long after "Giuliana and Bill" is off the air, I plan to be a working girl.

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