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How to keep hair colour from fading, lips from drying
by Kelly Misa

AN EASY way to get a makeover is to change your hair color. It can instantly warm up or soften your look by playing up your skin tone and bringing out your features.

But when your hair suddenly resembles copper wires or corn hairs after only a few weeks of coloring it, you may be washing your hair too often or staying out in the sun too long. Here's what you can do to preserve your hair color and smoothen chapped lips.

Why does my hair color lighten after only a few weeks of coloring it? What can I do to prevent it from fading?

It is such a treat to get hair colored at a salon, especially after working with a great colorist. Getting the color you want lends a boost of confidence that will have you strutting your stuff out of the salon and straight to a dinner with friends (how else do you show off your new 'do?).

But after a few weeks, you find out your happiness is short-lived when you notice the brassy texture your hair has developed. No, it is no longer the color you once loved, but a lighter, coppery version that only seems to look worse everyday.

Now it's got you thinking, "Was there something I did or didn't do that caused this to happen?"

Actually, yes-there are ways to extend the life of your hair color and prevent it from fading. The first few weeks are crucial to keeping your hair from getting lighter. Your hair should be given time to "set," lest you put all that time and money spent at the salon to waste.

Timing is everything. The sun, saltwater and chlorine are three of the harshest elements for hair color. It is wise not to schedule your hair appointment around a time where you'll be attending a pool party or going to the beach. Sunlight reacts against colored or chemically treated hair, causing it to oxidize, making it lighter.

Use protection. If there's nothing you can do about your schedule, take measures to protect your hair by wearing a wide-brimmed hat or carrying an umbrella when under the sun. If you must go for a swim, apply a leave-in conditioner formulated for colored hair, and wash hair as soon as possible after swimming.

Be fully equipped. Use color-preserving hair products. These contain ingredients that help preserve color while acting as a buffer against damaging elements. Color treatments work especially well for chemically damaged hair. Weekly treatments will prevent hair from drying out.

Hold off on the shampoo. If you're the type to wash your hair everyday, you may want to rethink that after going for a color job. Water tends to strip off your hair color more than the sun, saltwater or chlorine because it comes in contact with your hair everyday. Water also oxidizes your hair, so it's best to shampoo only every other day to preserve your color.

Keep it low. While we may be a little overeager to style our hair after getting a great color, remember that hair is more prone to damage and breakage after dyeing it. Adjusting your hair dryer to a low or cool setting will keep hair from drying out. And while you're at it, minimize the use of straightening irons and curlers.

My lips are always dry and chapped, how do I smoothen them and keep them soft?

Brushing your lips with a soft, wet toothbrush is an easy way to slough away flaky skin on your lips. Then apply a lip balm with shea butter or beeswax to keep them moisturized.

Another way to soften lips if you have a little time on your hands is by mixing honey with sugar and using the mixture to massage your lips. Honey acts as a natural moisturizer while sugar will gently exfoliate dry skin.

To make sure your lips are super-soft the whole day, apply a generous amount of lip conditioner before you sleep. This moisturizes your lips for a good eight hours, so you'll wake up with smooth, healthy-looking lips.

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