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Fri, May 20, 2011
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Lovin' the DHC effect
by Sia Ling Xin

THE Japanese are renowned for their impeccable manners, good service and healthy food.

And they're a standout when it comes to skincare and cosmetics.

DHC, one of Japan's favourite skincare brands, is available in shops here, thanks to personal-care store Watsons.

With a legacy of over 30 years in Japan, DHC is committed to creating high-quality products based on the natural benefits of olive oil to help one achieve radiant skin.

Olive oil is considered to be an ancient beauty secret - one that's lauded for its anti-ageing effects, and healing and moisturising properties. The Egyptians, Romans, Phoenicians and the Greeks all prized olive oil for these benefits.

In the modern day, though good-quality olive oil can be used neat on the skin, DHC continually upgrades its products to stay true to those benefits.

It recently launched two new make-up collections - the DHC Platinum White Base Make-up range and DHC Coloured Make-up range - meant for everyday wear.

These products are formulated with SPF protection against the harmful rays of the sun and contain other moisturising agents, such as vitamin C and olive oil, ensuring that your skin both looks and feels healthy.

my paper has compiled a list of make-up, as well as lotions and potions from DHC which will help keep your skin healthy and radiant.



DHC Eyeshadow Palette

What: Rushing out of the house in the morning with no time to mix and match eyeshadow colours? This palette offers similar shades of colours next to one another, allowing easy accentuation of the eyes for those busy mornings. Available in beige, peach and purple palettes

Price: $31.90 per palette







DHC Care Lip Colour

What: Plump up those lips with some gloss. Infused with beauty essences that moisturises, this lip gloss is enriched with a "lift-up film" made of oat-kernel extract that lifts wrinkles for the appearance of fuller and plumper lips. With continuous use, lips become firmer and smoother.

Available in pink, beige, orange, light red and red.

Price: $34.50 each


DHC Moisture Care Lipstick

What: Beautiful lips should both look and feel good, and this lip stick can offer both: Not only does it contain marine collagen, a naturally derived lip booster, it has a "melty oil" to decrease coarseness, a "glossy oil" to provide a shiny finish and a "pearl layer" to conceal creases.

Available in beige and orange, light pink, as well as pink and red.

Price: $34.50 each






DHC Platinum Lasting White Powdery Foundation

What: This foundation contains a light powder to conceal spots and freckles while naturally brightening skin for an even tone. It camouflages imperfections effectively while reinforcing skin clarity even in humid conditions, making it a must-have for ladies here.

Price: $55.50 for the complete set of a case, sponge and foundation. Pay $31.50 for refills.


DHC Platinum Lasting White Liquid Foundation

What: Looking for a foundation that protects the skin while giving enough coverage?

Try this light mixture, which covers blemishes, freckles and small wrinkles. It also tightens oily skin effectively while retaining moisture.

Price: $40.50 for 30ml


DHC Platinum Lasting White Colour Base

What: Who said make-up is bad for skin? This three-in-one lotion serves as a make-up base and provides colour correction and UV care. It also contains moisturising agents such as extra-virgin olive oil and vitamin C, ensuring that your skin is supple and well taken care of.

Price: $34.90 for 25ml




DHC Medicated Acne Care Make-up UV Protection Milk

What: A nourishing milky lotion, it penetrates through deep layers of skin to conceal pores and imperfections and helps achieve smooth and supple skin. It also contains concentrated olive-leaf extract to prevent roughness of skin and offers protection of SPF 50, perfect for those who have to be out in the sun all day.

Price: $31 for 30g





DHC Medicated Acne Care Make-up Pore Cover Base

What: Designed to effectively cover pores and imperfections, it helps achieve naturally smooth-looking skin. An added bonus is that this base also helps conceal pimples and blemishes while preventing them in future.

Price: $29 for 12g







DHC Medicated Acne Care Make-up Concealer

What: A long-lasting concealer that covers acne marks and skin discoloration effectively to ensure an even skin tone. It is also strongly resistant to skin oil, which ensures that it lasts all day. Artichoke extract helps to tighten skin effectively.

Available in two natural shades.

Price: $29 for 10g


All products are available at Watsons stores.


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