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Sun, Aug 14, 2011
The New Paper
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Still trying very hard to make babies
by Joanne Soh

They are both 40, have been married for almost two years, and have reportedly been trying to conceive from day one.

So why have MediaCorp stars Fann Wong and Christopher Lee failed? And have they given up?

No way, says Wong, though she finds it all "very complex".

So what are they doing about it?

Well, it seems some of it is too raunchy to tell us.

They are also said to have tried traditional Chinese medicine, and their workaholic lifestyle has been blamed for none of all this producing any results.

Wong had told Shin Min Daily News on their wedding night that her most important task was to give Lee a baby.

And last December, she told The New Paper that she hoped to have a baby born under the Leo astrological sign (August-September) this year.

Missed the boat this year

Well, it's obvious that she has missed that boat.

When we met Wong two weeks ago at the press conference for her latest Channel 8 drama, On The Fringe, she said: "Yes, yes, yes! We're still trying!

"I've been reading a lot of books, and getting to know my body. I'm still learning the whole process. It's very complex!"

They had received a lot of advice from various people, touching on everything from prayers to food.

"People have also told us to try strange methods, which were mostly taught to Chris," she said with a laugh, adding that "these are too raunchy andX-rated to be printed!"

Lee was not available for comment and it is notknownif medical issues have been ruled out.

Local comedian-host-actor Mark Lee, 42, said he had introduced the couple to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

He and his 37-year-old wife tried various methods for eight years before their first child wasconceived in 2008. The couple will be welcoming their second child later this month.

"I recommended my (TCM) doctor to Fann and Chris. I think it's important for us to make sure our bodies are well-nourished and are in tip-top condition," said Lee.

"My wife and I took the prescribed Chinese herbal medicine for a year and it worked for us," he added.

However, he thinks his advice may not have been followed through.

"I don't think Fann and Chris have dutifully brewed the medicine. One must be persistent when it comes to Chinese medicine. I think they drank the medicine for only one or two months," he said.

He attributed the lack of commitment to the couple's extremely busy lives.

Celebrity hairstylist David Gan, 48, made the same point.

"They are both workaholics," said Gan when asked about his god-children's baby-making progress.

"Fann's either busy working in China or Chris is tied up with his filming schedules. It's very important for them to find time for themselves.

"If they're not together at all,how can they have babies?"

But Wong is taking it all in her stride.

She is hoping that the road to motherhood will not be "too stressful", as she plans to have more than one child.

She is even willing to give up her career if the situation calls for it.

"Some sacrifices have to be made when you have a child. You can either choose career or family. You just have to work out the equation yourself.

"I know of a lot of working parents where one spouse would give up their jobs because they realise they've not been spending much time with their children. They are an inspiration."

But she cautioned that "parents shouldn't focus just on work or hot-house their children".

"I believe all problems start from the family. But if you shower your children with lots of love and attention, they won't be influenced by peer pressure so easily.

"Kids learn so fast these days - whether it's right or wrong. They need guidance."

Wong certainly sounds ready to take on her new role, but she - and the rest of Singapore - may have to wait a little longer.

Gan said: "You cannot force such things. Just let nature take its course.

"I don't think we should give them the extra pressure by asking them all the time. It's a private matter after all."

This article was first published in The New Paper.


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