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Sat, Dec 31, 2011
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Kym Ng finally decides on wedding date
by Charlene Chua

KYM Ng is finally ready to get hitched with her long-time boyfriend - in the second half of this year.

The actress told The New Paper that she had originally planned to get married 'much later'.

But 'thanks to the media', she has decided to bring forward her wedding.

She said on Wednesday: 'The media has always been asking me when I'm getting married so my boyfriend said, 'Since they want us to get married, let's get married! Let's give them what they want!'

Her wedding will add to the growing list of celebs who will tie the knot in the Year of the Ox.

Celebrity couples Michelle Chia and Shaun Chen will have their wedding in May, and Fann Wong and Christopher Lee are said to be planning theirs in September.

Kym, who refuses to reveal her age, said she had one condition for her Chinese Singaporean boyfriend of 15 years.

She said with a giggle that her husband-to-be, who is a few years older than her, is 'frantically looking for a house'.

This is because she had told him: Buy us a condominium in the town area with an unblocked balcony view first. Then we get married.

She said that it's only right to get a home she would be happy to live in.

Despite the decision to get married, Kym, who is fiercely private about her love life, declined to reveal her boyfriend's name and occupation.

All she would say was that he is 1.75m and 'very manly-looking'.

Kym was speaking to The New Paper on the set of her latest drama, Table of Glory, which is slated for telecast in April. She plays an ex-table tennis player who has high hopes for her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

Table of Glory also stars MediaCorp artistes Dai Yang Tian, Joshua Ang and Constance Song.

Kym said that although her fiance wants a lavish wedding, she has opted for a private, cosy affair.

'I don't have many friends. I'm very introverted. I'm not very close to many people.

'I'm the very shy type who will not throw a birthday party because I'm afraid nobody will come.

'I think a wedding is a joyous occasion but not something I should trouble everybody with attending.'

The actress admitted that as a child, she had fantasised about 'a beautiful church wedding, those that you see in the movies'.

But she knows she can't have that because she is a staunch Buddhist.

She added, wistfully: 'Church weddings looked very romantic; the father would hold the daughter's hand and give her away. I always thought that kind of wedding would be the most beautiful.

'But because I'm not Christian, I figured maybe a wedding by the beach.'

She is now content with just having a tea ceremony at her new downtown condominium, followed by a dinner with family and close friends.

Of course, it wasn't just the media that influenced her decision. Kym confessed that her family and close friends had been badgering her to tie the knot for a long time as she had accepted her boyfriend's ring and proposal 'many years ago'.

But she kept putting it off because of work.

'We had actually gotten together when I was jobless. At that time, I had just resigned from being an air stewardess as I missed home.

'So when I started getting a lot of work, I wanted to concentrate on my career first as I needed the money.

'Then after a while when we've been together for so long, I thought there was no need to hurry into marriage.'

The couple met through friends at a gathering and Kym says they've managed to last because they don't see too much of each other.

Said the actress: 'We're seldom in the same country so we are not stuck together for 24 hours a day. You need a little distance to make a relationship work.'

Having grown up with four 'studious' brothers, Kym admitted she was more a tomboy and was on her school's track and field team. That was probably why she was attracted to her boyfriend's fun-loving and adventurous nature, she mused.

The couple have been to Tibet, the Mount Everest base camp, Nepal and have even climbed Mount Fuji. They plan to conquer Mount Kinabalu next year.

Indeed, it was one 'terrifying incident' during a diving trip to Bintan that made her realise she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Said Kym: 'I had only just started learning to dive at that time. My boyfriend was already an experienced diver.

'The currents were so strong in the water that I was swept to a rock at the bottom of the sea.

'As I hung on to the rock, I turned left and right and there was no one in sight. I was so frightened!

'Then I felt a hand tap my shoulder. He had come to look for me! He just pulled my hand and then we surfaced.'

She added that he is also a romantic.

'He's very good at writing love notes. When I go overseas, like once when I went to China for filming, he hid eight to 10 love notes in my shoe bag, my make-up pouch and luggage.

'He called me when I arrived there and said I could read the notes when I missed him. He's a very sweet person and he's also my best friend.'

He calls the shots

Despite her gregarious TV personality, Kym said she enjoys letting him call the shots in their relationship.

'He's the kind of man who will lead me, like hold my hand and say, 'Come, let's go climb that mountain!' Then I will say 'Okay, okay!' and then I will follow.

'Even though I'm a very independent woman, I like my man to dominate the relationship.'

The only thing the couple have disagreed on is whether to have kids. Kym said her fiance wants children, but she doesn't.

'Worrying about their examination results, relationship problems, I don't want to see all this happening to my children.

'My boyfriend says that this is part of life and you have to go through pain to appreciate the good times.

'I think he'll make a very good father.'

While she is looking forward to her new home and impending nuptials, Kym is still puzzled by one thing.

'You know, up till now, people still think Bryan Wong is my boyfriend,' she said with a laugh.

This article was first published in The New Paper on Jan 2, 2009.

readers' comments
blackdragon - That's what makes Kym Ng so unique. What you see as achingly irritating is not what her fiance see. There's good and bad in all of us. Lets learn to esteem others better than ourselves. We can mouth all the negative things about celebrities... but look, at least they are in the limelight, you aren't! :P
Posted by asiawan777 on Mon, 5 Jan 2009 at 19:42 PM
I find her achingly irritating on TV, her voice, her tone and mannerisms all spoke of an uncouth & provocative masculine nature. Good luck to her future husband.
Posted by BlackDragon on Mon, 5 Jan 2009 at 15:13 PM

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