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Fri, Nov 04, 2011
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I dropped a dress size in four weeks
by Kalwant Kour

WHETHER you're a woman trying to regain the firmness of your pre-baby belly or shed those "festive" inches or even trim those love handles, here's some good news: Exilis technology can help with all three problem areas.

I first heard of Exilis when Mendis Aesthetics ran an advertisement in tabla!. It claimed to offer the latest fat-melting and skin-tightening treatment in Singapore market... with no nips and tucks.

So when the opportunity to test this new technology arose, I quickly set about convincing my boss that I was the perfect candidate. He bought it.

However, like many others who want to lose some weight and shed some inches, I was quite apprehensive of this "new" technology. But a premilinary chat with Dr Rohan Mendis (left), founder of Mendis Aesthetics, quickly put me at ease.

He first explained how Exilis works: It uses heat and radio frequency energy to melt fat deposits and tighten skin all in one treatment. Plus, it works on any part of the body. Of course, then he added those words dreaded by all of us who want to lose weight the easy way: "Exilis produces the best results when combined with proper diet and regular exercise, so limit the amount of carbohydrates and sugar you consume."

That said, he asked me to pick which part of my body I wanted to work on. And - surprise, surprise! - I opted for the belly area. After assessing my condition, he recommended four to five sessions for me to get the full effect of the therapy.

I was then taken to the treatment room where I was told to lie down. The therapist applied cooling gel all over my belly area before running an electronic device (it looked like a hair-dryer) over it. The sensation was similar to a warm massage and the therapist repeatedly checked if I felt okay.

The heat increased after a while and the whole treatment lasted about half an hour and, as the procedure was non-invasive, there was no pain or downtime at all.

So what had just taken place inside my body? I asked Dr Mendis for an explanation and this is what he says: "Exilis is the first technology to use Radiofrequency and Ultrasound simultaneously with adjustable advanced skin cooling from the same handset. The heat generated increases the metabolism of the fat cells, resulting in the breakdown of the fat which is then released into the lymphatic system for drainage. In addition, the technology causes skin tightening at the same location.

"With this techonology, people with mild to moderate body fat percentage can avoid invasive surgery and the discomfort and downtime that comes with it."

In short, Exilis is the answer for individuals who want the benefits of liposuction but fear going under the knife.

As for me, I started to see a significant reduction of fat in my tummy area after the third treatment. Sure, I had upped my brisk walking routine and had been watching my diet too. But there was no denying that my clothes started to fit me more comfortably.

And by the time I completed my fourth session at Mendis Aesthetics, there was a visible improvement. Not only did I see a slimmer reflection every time I looked in the mirror, I also dropped a size: From XL to L.

But the best, and most convincing, proof of the treatment was the compliments that have started flowing my way.

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