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Thu, Nov 10, 2011
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Couples book the stork for 11.11.11
by L. Suganya and G. Surach

KUALA LUMPUR - Some mothers have signed up to deliver by Caesarean on 11.11.11 in the hope that it will bring their children good luck.

Eleven mothers will deliver their children by Caesarean at Prince Court Hospital tomorrow.

Seven other mothers had requested that their babies be induced on the same day.

Although it's a matter of luck for some, there are others who chose the date more for its convenience than any other reason.

Shirley Chin and husband Steven Lee chose that date for her operation after they were presented with a few choices.

Chin said: "We decided on 11.11.11 as it will be a lot easier for us to arrange things." Asked if they expected the date to have any bearing on their child, Lee said it would probably be an easy date to remember and, hopefully, they would never forget the birthday.

The couple, who plan to name their baby Zachary Lee, are among many parents who are expecting their babies tomorrow.

In Klang, parents-to-be Alex Tai Yun Toong, 35, and Lee Meng Ping, 30, are expecting their baby to be delivered by Caesarean at Sri Kota Specialist Medical Centre here between 11am and 3pm.

The couple, who have been married for two years, opted for this method after Lee rejected the idea of normal delivery, citing fear of labour pains.

Tai, a product engineer, said: "Our baby is due on Nov 26, but the specialist advised us to have it two weeks in advance, hence, the date.

"We are not superstitious about the significance of 11.11.11, but we are elated at the thought of our first-born being delivered on that day." Lee said they opted for the date based on the advice of her aunt, who felt that it would be an auspicious time for her husband's family and hers.

Another couple expecting their first-born on 11.11.11 are marketing executive Neecia Khoo, 28, and accounting executive Teh Hooi Mei, 28.

Khoo said their baby was due on Nov 22, but they chose a caesarean delivery as Teh had expressed fears about a normal delivery.

On possible risks associated with caesarean, Khoo said although he and his wifewere nervous, theywere confident that the surgery would be a success.

"What better time than 11.11.11? At least I know there will be a story that my family can share at events and occasions in the future."

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