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Thu, Nov 10, 2011
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Glow and shine in less than 30 minutes
by Park Min-young

Dropping by a salon to get a touchup on your makeup and hair before brunch is no longer a luxury reserved for celebrities and the well-off.

Makeup salons offering quick and reasonably priced makeup and hair services are emerging to attract beauty-conscious women who are reluctant to spend time and money on more up-market services.

Park Dong-mi, a 31-year-old office worker, dropped by blowblush, a hair and makeup salon in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul, last Thursday after work.

Several minutes of getting sprayed by the salon's airbrush did the trick. Armed with the right colour foundation and later a highlighter, it applied a very thin and even layer of marvel on her skin.

Add a few flicks of the eyelash curler, quick dabs of lip gloss and a blow drying, and her face no longer looked fatigued but fresh, more than ready for an exciting night out. Her makeover took less than 30 minutes.

"I stopped by to freshen up before my dinner plan. I think the quick makeup service is very practical and cheap compared to what is usually offered around the Cheongdam-dong area," said Park.

Customers can choose the degree of makeover they want, from light retouches on the eyes or lips to full party makeup. The salon also specializes in quick blow dry and up-do styles, but does not offer hair cuts or perms. Makeup and hair services start from 50,000 won (S$57).

"The point is to not let anyone know that you stopped by at a salon, but look amazingly beautiful. Your friends will wonder if you have been receiving some expensive skin care lately. It is for those who want to look beautiful not just on special occasions like weddings or graduation ceremonies but even for dates or lunch meetings with casual friends," said Lee Kot-nim, creative director at blowblush.

Another occasion when quick makeup services may come in useful is after spending a few hours at the spa. The salon offers discounts for those who enjoy the spa at Spaeco, which shares the same building. One can say goodbye to leaving the building all red-faced and makeup-less after receiving skincare.

Quick and long-lasting manicure and pedicure services are also hot. Gel-texture manicure and pedicure takes only a few seconds to dry and lasts for about a month, unlike regular ones which take several hours to completely dry and get chipped in about a week.

Most nail shops throughout Seoul offer the service, and it usually starts around 50,000 won.

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