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Sun, Feb 05, 2012
The New Paper
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'I was picked because I fit the bill'
by Tan Kee Yun

LIKE a camera set on automatic mode, the images that instantly pop to mind when one thinks of Chrissie Chau are those of her enviable 32D assets, spilling out of skimpy tops.

The busty 26-year-old Hong Kong model-actress has been synonymous with the phrase "sex bomb" ever since her modelling career took off in 2008.

Her CV includes posing for men's magazines like FHM and GQ, releasing a life-size inflatable bikini-clad doll of herself, producing three eye-popping pictorial books and being the spokesman for a lingerie company.

When it comes to acting, she doesn't stray too far from type either.

She shared a steamy bedroom scene in romantic drama Marriage With A Liar (2010), wore cleavage-baring outfits in slapstick comedy Men Suddenly In Love (2011) and played a sexy hacker in action thriller The Killer Who Never Kills (2011).

In a phone interview with local press to promote her new beach volleyball-themed movie Beach Spike - which features Chau's meatiest leading role to date - The New Paper asked the starlet if she had ever felt typecast and boxed in continually playing the token hot babe. "No, I'm not worried about that," said Chau, who was born in Guangzhou but relocated with her family to Hong Kong when she was 10.

"Over the last few years, I feel that directors have picked me to star in their movies not because of my (bosomy) image, but because I fit the bill. Anyway, I've always believed that as actors, we have to be versatile and take on all types of roles."

To perfect her role in Beach Spike, Chau said the crew - which includes co-stars Theresa Fu and Jessica C - learnt volleyball and trained for three months with one of Hong Kong's national coaches.

"Compared to the other actresses, my volleyball skills were pretty poor... but, my muscles were more taut so I didn't bruise as easily as them," she said.

Did her ample 32D assets turn out to be "too much of a burden" during physical scenes where she had to jump around?

"Of course not," exclaimed Chau with a laugh.

"I've lived with them (referring to her breasts) for over 20 years. There's no reason why I would feel that they weigh me down.

"Besides, a volleyball is much bigger!"

A movie with gorgeous women decked out in bikinis will inevitably attract some viewers for the wrong reasons, a fact which Chau, an avid video gamer, takes in her stride.

"There will definitely be people who watch Beach Spike simply for the skin on display," she admitted.

"We can't control reactions from the audience... as actors and actresses, we just hope to be able to provide entertainment for our fans."


The voluptuous celebrity made headlines recently for reportedly pocketing a hefty HK$20 million (about S$3 million) in total last year.

"That figure is really exaggerated," clarified Chau.

"You guys think way too highly of me, it's really not so high. If it were, I think the tax authority will be onto me already!"

There was a tinge of excitement in her voice when our topic shifted to her new entrepreneurial venture.

Last month, she spent nearly 1 million yuan (S$200,000) on launching her own lingerie line in a joint venture with La Miu, which is billed as China's Victoria's Secret.

"As it's my first time being a boss, I'm having mixed emotions - very happy yet at the same time, a little petrified of how the overall response will be," said Chau of the line, which is named the ShowNa Collection after her Chinese name Sau Na.

She revealed that she would be modelling some of the self-designed pieces herself - so expect to see some smokin' hot shots of her in lingerie rolled out soon.

"It's my product, so I would like to try it out," she said.

Chau, whose previous rumoured beaus include Beach Spike co-star Him Law and Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao (who was her leading man in The Killer Who Never Kills), is in a steady relationship with Hong Kong hairstylist Avis Chan.

Does Chan feel uneasy seeing his girlfriend in bikinis all the time on the big screen?

"Well, in Beach Spike, I was wearing what professional beach volleyballers would wear," she said.

"I can't possibly play volleyball in a long gown right, I'd die of heat stroke and scare everyone away!"

She chuckled and continued: "Okay, I was just joking. He doesn't mind, he knows it's for work."

As strong as their romance is, this ambitious lass is not ready to settle down and become Mrs Chan anytime soon.

"We're happy the way we are, at this point, I don't see a reason to get married.I still want to focus on my career, there are many targets I've set for myself which I haven't accomplished yet.

"Marriage isn't so simple, there are many responsibilities which I am not prepared to take on right now."

Beach Spike premieres this Sunday at 9pm on Celestial Movies (StarHub Ch 868)

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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