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Wed, Feb 29, 2012
The New Paper
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She has never been on a date
by Charlene Chua

THE organisers were looking for someone with exemplary inner beauty for their unconventional contest.

And they found it in Ms Agnes Ng.

Held on Feb 25, the second Ms Amazing Pageant finals saw the 1.8m-tall and 97kg winner walk away with $8,000 worth of product vouchers.

The Ms Amazing Pageant celebrates plus-sized women who seek to transform themselves in terms of confidence and outlook in life.

Ms Ng, a pre-school teacher in her late 30s, told The New Paper: "I've never been on a date in my life as I've been obese since I was five.

"After winning this pageant, I'm more confident now and this will help give me more determination to lose weight.

"I lost 3kg during the competition and once I lose more, I'll consider pursuing my love life."

The soft-spoken woman beat nine other finalists to walk away with the title of Amazing Queen 2012.

The runner-up spot went to civil servant Yvonne Seah, while property agent Norin Mohamed Kasim came in third.

They won $5,000 and $3,000 worth of product vouchers respectively.


What sets this pageant apart from others was the fact that the entire competition played out over the course of seven months beginning last July.

The women picked up points through challenges and workshops held each month, leading up to the grand finale over the weekend.

The Ms Amazing Pageant 2010 winner Jena Marican was present at Bunker Bar Bistro Restaurant to crown a blushing Ms Ng.

Mr Lionel Lim, 35, the Amazing Pageant manager, said Ms Ng scored the most points because she had the most stunning transformation, personality-wise.

He said: "We wanted a girl who encapsulated inner beauty.

"Through all these months, we've found that Agnes is very loyal, kind and giving.

"She used to be the shy, girl-next-door type, but she has since opened up a lot and took the initiative to rally the other girls throughout the competition.

"There were many firsts for her, including wearing a gown, heels and make-up.

"From a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl, she has certainly come a long way."

Last July, more than 50 plus-sized women auditioned for the Ms Amazing Pageant 2012.

The only criterion was that they had to weigh more than 80kg. There were no restrictions on height, marital status or age.

The first challenge the 24 semi-finalists took part in was the Facebook Friendship competition, where they had to post their pictures online and garner the most likes for them.

The women had to attend various workshops conducted by industry professionals each month that included fitness, haircare, skincare, grooming and poise.

Said Mr Lim: "The girls get points for turning up at the workshops.

"To earn extra points, we looked at which of them were more hands-on during the sessions and showed interest in transforming themselves."

Last month, the contestants also had to compete in a talent segment that was held at Bukit Timah Plaza.

Some sang, while others danced or performed a skit individually or as pairs.

The 10 women with the highest points then strutted and shared their experiences at the finals.

Said Ms Ng: "Since I've been working only with children for the last 18 years, I'm always in T-shirts and shorts or jeans.

"Three years ago, through heavy dieting, I lost 10kg. But it was difficult to maintain and the weight came back in a year.

"What I've learnt from this pageant that has made a difference is that exercise is a must for a healthy lifestyle.

"Now I know what it takes for me to look good and beautiful, and I hope to get there eventually."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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