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Mon, Apr 02, 2012
The New Paper
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Too stressful to date Dai Yang Tian
by Gerald Goh

She is a sexy, buxom singer who got on well with her attractive co-star on and off the set of their upcoming movie 3x Trouble.

But Taiwanese singer Landy Wen won't date Shanghai-born MediaCorp actor Dai Yang Tian in real life.

The 32-year-old told The New Paper over the phone from Taiwan: "He's too handsome!

"If I went out with him, I'd be so stressed because people would be looking to catch a glimpse of the girl that Yang Tian is going out with."

Wen, who has been dating an English teacher for over a year, also approved of The New Paper's recent week-long match-making contest for the 28-year-old single heart-throb which attracted 80 applicants.

"Artistes are always very busy and it's hard to find a romantic partner," she said, adding that she met her current boyfriend in her line of work.

"Yang Tian deserves a very feminine, sweet and petite woman."

She added: "Yang Tian is a ladykiller.

"When we were filming, there were always many young female fans hanging around the set (of 3x Trouble).

"Whenever they caught a glimpse of him, they would scream excitedly."

Opening here on April 5, the Singapore-Malaysia-China-Taiwan collaboration tells the story of how three friends (played by Dai and Malaysian artistes Rynn Lim and Jack Lim) plot to steal cars to supplement their income.

Along the way, they meet a mysterious woman (Wen) and the situation spirals out of control as the trio have to evade a mysterious hitman (played by Malaysian Mandopop singer Andrew Tan).

Though their on-screen interaction was minimal, Wen laughed while recalling a scene with Dai.

In that scene, an unconscious Wen lies motionless on a deserted road and is almost run over by a distracted Dai, who's driving a pick-up truck.

Afterward, his character is so distressed at the near-miss that he takes her back to recuperate.

Wen recalled: "Yang Tian was so scared he would drop me when he was carrying me to the couch!

"He was already very nervous before filming that scene. He was extremely careful to set me down (on the couch) gently."

She added: "Yang Tian is very charming. Even though we had only a few scenes together, I still felt he was like a big brother to me, on and off the set.

"He's very gentlemanly and caring, even if he doesn't talk very much.

"Between shoots, we'd pass the time playing games on each other's mobile phones."

3x Trouble is Wen's first foray into the Malaysian movie scene.

She said: "Even though I barely knew most of the cast, working on 3x Trouble was very refreshing because they were all friendly and cheerful.

"It was like attending the first day of school, where you're getting to know all your classmates."

Even though Wen remains focused on her singing career, she's open to other movie roles, especially if they involve the supernatural element.

"I'd like to star in a ghost film, because I like to watch films that terrify me."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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