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Thu, Apr 19, 2012
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'Striptease' on the catwalk
by Geraldine Mark

Brian Ong strutted down the runway with the sleek confidence of an experienced model.

With his hands in his pocket, he turned to face the judges and struck a smile.

Cameras clicked away the entire time and the crowd fixed their gaze on him.

Except Brian's not your usual model.

For starters, he's just five years old.

And although his parents had entered him for the Bugis Junction/ Converse 3D Shoe Design Modelling competition at Bugis Junction Hylam Street last night, what they really hoped to do was to build his confidence.

Said his mummy, Cindy Chua, a housewife: "Brian used to have difficulties in making friends in new classes and he would cry on the first day.

"We wanted him to have a shot at this competition and hopefully, be able to win!" Not that Brian is complaining.

When asked why he had taken part in the I Can Do The Catwalk competition, the little boy, confidence perhaps already buoyed by the experience, cheekily cited the chance at a magazine fashion spread as the reason why he joined.

I Can Do The Catwalk is held together with the shoe design competition.

Auditions were yesterday, and the shoe design entries were assessed for the finals.

Alongside Brian were about 60 other contestants.

A throng of about a hundred people gathered around the runway. Necks were craned to take a peek at the models.

Occasionally, gasps erupted from the crowd when the models took some of their clothes off.

A spokesman for the event, Mr Keith Sim, said: "This year's event saw about 100 entries for both the catwalk and shoe design competition.

"The models were innovative and it was an overall good response."

In their attempts to outshine some of the other aspiring models, some contestants decided to take their tops off.

Said one of them, who took off her jacket to reveal a black cropped tank top: "I wanted to be daring and adventurous to stand a better chance in the competition."

Another contestant, Ms Nor Ilyana, 21, said she feels that taking her top off is "not necessary".

The assistant engineer however, felt that if the models "have it, they should flaunt it".

Said Mr Fez Abas, 25, a civil servant, who was watching the competition: "It was definitely eye-catching."

He added: "The showing off of one's physique is also quite sporty which, I think, is in line with Converse's style."

The grand finals for the Shoe Design and the I Can Do The Catwalk competition is this Saturday at Bugis Junction Hylam Street at 4pm.

Finalists will design the shoe on-site on April 21, the grand finals.

After which, model finalists will parade the wearable 3D shoes for the I Can Do The Catwalk segment.

The designer behind the winning shoe design will take home $1,000 cash and a trophy.

For the catwalk competition, the winning model stands a chance to win $300 in cash, a trophy and an opportunity to appear in a magazine fashion spread.

When asked if he would take part in the competition again, Brian shrieked an excited "Yes!"

"I want to be in a magazine."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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