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Mon, Apr 23, 2012
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Cosmetics evolve
by Cho Chung-un

SOUTH KOREA - The country's cosmetics industry may have attracted consumers with new colours, concepts and celebrity power so far.

But companies are now adopting the latest technology to stimulate consumer curiosity and offer easier and more effective ways to apply everyday cosmetics.

Leading the cosmetics market this year are vibrating foundation gadgets that help the skin absorb the foundation faster and offer a smoother finish.

Foundation vibrators are gaining popularity particularly for Korean women who dream of having "white" and glowing skin.

"It is absorbed really well. The foundation vibrator gave me the pleasure of keeping long-lasting make-up, better than applying foundation using my hand," said Seo Yu-ri, a 31-year-old Seoul resident.

Cosmetic gadgets are gaining popularity among working women who don't have much time to spend in front of the mirror in the morning.

"It may not be necessary to those make-up artists or cosmetic maniacs, but the product is really a time-saver for people like me who are working and don't have much experience in make-up," said Lee Jung-min, a 32-year-old office worker.

LG Household & Health Care released "Isa Knox Smart Vibrating Foundation," which vibrates 14,000 times per minute.

The Isa Knox foundation has eight skincare ingredients to cover blemishes and freckles, the company said.


Isa Knox Smooth Vibrating Foundation (LG Household & Health Care)
HAAN Beauty's "Aesthetic RX" (HAAN Beauty)

"If you use appropriate makeup applicators, you can have your makeup done without using your fingers and as perfect as artists' work," said Yoo Jae-woong, brand manager of LG Household & Health Care.

"Not only with foundation vibrators, other types of makeup applicators are to be developed in the near future as customers' interest is growing," he added.

HAAN Beauty, a beauty brand by HAAN Corporation founded by a housewife-turned-entrepreneur Romi Haan, also introduced a handy foundation vibrator last year.

The grip-type vibrator is designed to hold liquid foundation inside and also other foundations and BB creams.

HAAN's foundation vibrator became a market hit early this year with sales of more than 40 billion won (S$44 million).

The company also exports the product to Japan and the United States.

And, the company has carried the vibrating applicator concept further, introducing an oscillating mascara wand and a facial massage mask.

"HAAN's Heating and Spin Mascara" features a brush that spins 360 degrees and a heating curler that lifts eyelashes.

The mask product named "Aesthetic RX" is based on electronic massage therapy that helps cosmetic ingredients from facial masks be absorbed effectively to one's skin.

"We are expanding our distribution channel to meet the growing demand. We are going to introduce other smart cosmetic items such as vibrating powder later this year," said a PR official from the company.

Another cosmetic giant Aekyung on April 5 released "Real Face A.S," a vibrating cleanser in collaboration with the country's renowned make-up artist Sun Deok.

The smart beauty product features a jelly pad consisted of 600 tiny bumps and a vibrator that moves 12,000 times per minute that helps cleanse the nose, lips and eyebrow areas more effectively than washing the entire face.

The product can be used with "Micro-cotton Cleanser," a foam produced by Aekyung.


Hera's "UV Mist Cushion" (Amore Pacific)
Astalift's "Jelly Aquarysta" (Astalift)

Amore Pacific's Hera is also drawing attention with a surprising and smart item named "UV Mist Cushion."

The product features a sponge-type cushion soaked with liquid foundation, sunscreen, moisturizer and whitening essence, helping your face instantly light up and glow.

Another interesting feature in the industry is that technology-based firms are jumping into the cosmetics market.

Fujifilm, a Japanese firm specialized in manufacturing photographic film, has released Astalift, a premium anti-ageing skincare brand.

The products feature the company's cutting edge, core technologies accumulated over 70 years of research and development of collagen, a core ingredient in photographic film.

Technologies used in Fujifilm's products include the findings of Fujifilm's own collagen research, antioxidation expertise and micronization technology, the company said.

"Collagen is not only the essential ingredient within a photographic film, but also is a key component of the skin. Antioxidants prevent images from fading in colour and repair and protect the skin from UV damage," an official said.

Jelly Aquarysta, a red jelly that contains the smallest of micro particles, is Astalift's signature product.

Nicknamed "30 seconds," the jelly-type essence returns to its original jelly state after only 30 seconds even if one stirs the product, demonstrating, the company says, its ability to restore damaged skin.



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