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Thu, May 24, 2012
Her World
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Three women, three kinky challenges
by Jeanne Tai

Three women. Three kinky challenges:

1. using a (hidden) vibrator in public,

2. having a weekend sex marathon, and

3. being dominated and acting submissive.

Consider this the grown-up version of the Truth or Dare? party game.

We found three plucky women wanting to spice up their love lives.

We assigned them a sex dare each, gave them "props" for their challenge and even set key performance indicators - just because KPIs are so Singaporean.

Once they were done, we made them tell us the Whole Truth and nothing but.

Read on for their sizzling accounts and how you can ace these dares yourself.


Good "vibes" - in public


Kate*, 26, freelance designer

The challenge:

A prude must survive dinner at a crowded restaurant with a vibrator hidden in her knickers - and with her boyfriend holding the remote control.

*Not her real name

What went down:

"I had a choice of two vibrators: a powerful We-Vibe 3 with a buzzing prong I had to insert, likely to give me a public OMG moment.

Or, a tamer, concave-shaped vibrator. I chickened out and chose the latter.

"In the restaurant in Orchard Road, we were seated an arm's length from another couple. When dessert was served, I slipped him the palm-size remote control.

"He aimed it at me under the table and turned it on. I felt a hum - pleasurable but too gentle to get me squirming.

I glanced nervously at my shorts. Good grief, the lightweight fabric was rippling slightly. Would people notice?

"Then he hit a button. A staccato-like throb now. The couple next to us hadn't noticed me flushing and wriggling in my seat.

'Make it stronger,' I whispered. He doubled the intensity. Ooh, this was fun.

Thankfully, no one noticed anything. I was having a tough time concealing my grin.

"When the waiter came with our bill, I jumped. My guy tried 
to turn the thing off. Nothing happened.

'It's not working,' he mouthed, grinning an 'oops'.

Flustered, I stood up holding my handbag in front of my shorts. I waddled out of the restaurant, hissing at him to stop. He wouldn't.

"He wanted to see me squirm and eventually I decided to go with it for fun, even as we wandered into a mall.

Then he finally turned it off.

"I hadn't climaxed, but when the vibrator was on high, I felt like I was drifting in a pleasurable daze. And he admitted to being very turned on. 'Can we do this again?' he asked. Hmm, food for thought!"

"The couple next to us hadn't noticed me flushing and wriggling in my seat.

'Make it stronger,' I whispered."

Our verdict:

B+. We'd have given Kate an "A" if she'd been bold and gone with the stronger vibrator. Maybe next time!

Your essential Dare Kit

Sexy foods, a 
turn-on scent and 
a DVD of The Ugly Truth, which has Katherine Heigl's famous scene in which she wears vibrating panties during dinner.


Weekend Sex-a-thon


E.L., 25, media professional

The challenge:

A busy "OT queen" and her boyfriend must get it on at least thrice a day for a whole weekend while holed up in 
his apartment.

What went down:

"The last time we had a sex marathon was a month ago, when we were on holiday. Lately, we'd been exhausted because of our work, so this 'three times a day' dare seemed a bit much. But we were willing to give it a go.

"I had a hair appointment on Saturday morning, and he'd had a boys' night out the night before.

When he came home drunk at 5am, I thought the weekend was busted.

But when I kissed him goodbye at 10am before heading to the salon, he perked up (maybe it was my low-cut dress).

One kiss led to another, and things got frisky. I left the house an hour late after Round #1.

"We sexted each other while I was out. When I got back at noon, he was waiting naked on the couch. He gave me a come-hither look before tearing off my dress. Then we just went crazy!

"We decided to go at it as many times as possible, trying different positions around the flat - me sitting on the bathroom sink and bent over his piano. We even did it on the stove, which was exhilarating.

It felt naughty to do it in the kitchen. Thank goodness we didn't turn on the stove by accident!

"By 5pm, we'd done it five times. I was exhausted, dehydrated and ravenous, because I hadn't eaten all day.

I wolfed down my dinner so quickly, I became sick. For our next marathon, I'll stay hydrated.

Maybe water parades could turn into something a little bit more fun..."

Our verdict:

A-. E.L. was meant to go at it the whole weekend, but could only squeeze in a one-day shag-fest.

Still, five times in a day is wild - and "stove sex" is a 
first for us!

Your essential Dare Kit

Energy eats, feel-good cream and silky sheets to get you in the mood. Over and over again.


Reverse Role-play


A.L., 25, works in the creative line

The challenge:

A domineering siren must play the "jailbird" to her man's "prison guard".

What went down:

"I'm a take-charge gal in bed. I like being on top, and my role-play repertoire includes playing the pushy secretary who 'punishes' her passive, goody two-shoes boss.

This dare was out of character for me, and I was nervous because I like being in control during sex. But I embraced the challenge. I'm always up for a bit of fun.

"I got myself in the mood by spritzing on some perfume.

In bed, I handed him a blindfold with a smile. Next thing I knew, he'd whipped out hot pink handcuffs and placed me 'under arrest' - such a turn-on.

I was surprised because he's usually reserved. He also blindfolded me, which heightened my other senses.

"He then asked if I'd been a bad girl and needed to be spanked.

After meekly saying 'yes', I mockingly begged for pardon and tried to act scared. He played it straight in spite of my giggles. When 
we finally went for it, he kept the cuffs 
on throughout.

"Okay, I admit there were moments when I tried to take the lead, but only because I couldn't wait to get it on!

"I was surprised to find that I liked being the submissive one in bed for a change.

It let me take a back seat and enjoy the feeling of being out of control. Plus, it brought out the more macho side of my man.

I don't know why we never tried this 'game change' earlier - 10 out of 10, I say!"

Our verdict:

A+. We love how A.L. was so game to experiment. Sounds like it paid off, too. For both of them. Bravo!

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readers' comments

I am not gay, but I have researched things and apparently the latest trend is to "roto-brush" the anal passage before making love in the sauna, jungle, hotel, and so on.

This is basically a penis-shaped tool with rotating motorised brushes, which prepare the anal passage for penile insertion.

I still prefer women.:):p;):D:rolleyes::eek::o
Posted by Trouser Press on Fri, 25 May 2012 at 18:41 PM
being gay is not cheap at all from the look at it

i can now imagine a handyman always with tool box in one hand, inside with small, medium, large and extra large plugs, along with various brand of condoms and lube, ping pong balls etc ....

not to mention the replenishment as a result of wear and tear, not sure if they have titanium made plugs which come with warranty ?

Posted by jameslee58 on Thu, 24 May 2012 at 23:07 PM

If you travel through Frankfurt airport like I do, you get time in transit to hover around every shelf and display of the sex shops.

Far more interesting than reading or sitting on notebook computer. Very educational, even for me...;)
Posted by Trouser Press on Thu, 24 May 2012 at 17:08 PM
you so knowledgable in this sort of thing ...never in my life would imagine there's such a tool even exist !

Posted by jameslee58 on Thu, 24 May 2012 at 17:05 PM

Technically, this should be a butt-plug, which is not actually a vibrator.

Butt-plugs are used by gays to "drill a pilot hole" like when aiming to put a screw through hardwood rather than pine.

Hope this helps!:p
Posted by Trouser Press on Thu, 24 May 2012 at 17:02 PM
how about stuff a vibrator up into your a55 while meeting your boss in office...?
Posted by jameslee58 on Thu, 24 May 2012 at 17:00 PM

1) Man having a hidden vibrator ring choke on his penis.

You are a fan of raised arteries and veins, thus creating a ribbed effect.

2) Sex marathon with 5 different women in a day

Notti. Very notti. You are in "watching" not "doing" mode here.

3) Act as a dog?

Are you referring to a ribbed German-made vibrator being placed up a man's bottom?:p:D
Posted by Trouser Press on Thu, 24 May 2012 at 16:52 PM
this is long avaialble in japanese porn, believed me, many had tried these sort of stuff already, the magazine way behind the curve anything newer?
Posted by jameslee58 on Thu, 24 May 2012 at 16:50 PM
Okay, is FHM going to do one with: 1) Man having a hidden vibrator ring choke on his penis. 2) Sex marathon with 5 different women in a day and 3) Act as a dog? Will buy that issue :D
Posted by mystrawberry on Thu, 24 May 2012 at 15:44 PM

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